Path of Vidya

Hello again friends. Thank you for downloading my game.
I am fixing all the bugs mentioned and I am playing through to prepare my launch on steam! It will be free-to-play but, with all the convenience of steam!

1. I am fixing the backtrace from the first boss, also the first boss is a lot easier. I made him have more actions then he should. I will possibly make other enemies easier as I play through the game again, just so people can see the story all the way through.
2. I am fixing a lot of other small clipping glitches, and others but it will be impossible to fix everything I'm sure.

Everything will be fixed in (v1.3) which will be released some time next month.

Let me know if you find anything else. Thank you for playing!

Path of Vidya

Here I am again! So far pretty good the story is really interesting only two issues:

There is a map error on the left room (you can go through the csbinet).
Second... I cannot beat the boss on the next area, Alexandros is 5th level and the others at 4th... but yeah it seems nearly impossible to beat (wandering enemies are pushovers so I believed to be strong enough)

Ah, I see. This needs to be fixed if there is no way to back track. Let me know if you are still stuck in the game. In the new iteration I made it easier to level up, in general, because people said the game pace was too slow.

I have been working on my new game "World Tree" and so I haven't really focused on patching this one (*as of yet, but I need to).

Path of Vidya

Hello! Just a couple of bugs I found in the last version:

1 - you can walk over a fence in the first town (and this is not a problem...)

2 - The first time I went to the friend's house I was on the left side of the door... and my character disappeared. I was still able to progress the game but it was totally invisibile, so I reloaded and did the same think standing and interacting with the right side of the door (that in fact occupies two spaces) and this time there was no issue.

That's all. So far nice game a bit... weird! But original nonenthless!

Thanks for playing my game. It means a lot that people play and enjoy it to the extent they can get down with it. I appreciate your feedback and will correct those bugs if another patch is warranted.

Path of Vidya

I recently updated the game to (v1.2) in order to make it easier to level up and play through the story all the way through. I believe this wiped out the download counter (My bad).

Either way, feel free to give it another download!
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