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Beyond the stars and under the flakes of fallen snow, a kingdom sleeps.



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Why did you delete everything on your tumblr? I was hoping to look more into your game before downloading that beast of a size.

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I will say this again: the reason we've stopped is the game grew too big for either of us to handle and we ran into a wall and then our interest died so to speak. I feel the game as it is stands on its own relatively okay and Diedrupo does want to fix a few things and give it more of a definite ending as it is, but life does what it does and gets in the way.

Thank you anyone who continues to find HWS and enjoy it. At the very least, I'm glad people enjoy it as it is right now.

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Well, I'm glad you figured it out! Happy playing!

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Hey caged_bird98, could you send me your savefile so either me or Diedrupo can figure out what's up?

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Thank you for playing, Caladium. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


This looks very charming! Definitely going to be looking for that demo come July. :D

Future Spirits: not in this incarnation, unfortunately!

I wish you both good luck in what new projects you find yourselves in!

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Thank you for playing I'm glad for the most part, you seem to have enjoyed it! I personally did all the art for it so I'm glad the art helped bring out emotion from the scenes.

I have see the fanart of the game! I try to reblog it when I see it and that piece Risa did is definitely one of my favorites. She did such a nice job!

For Maladaptive Daydream I am at an odd place with it. I know what I want to do with it and have outlined it pretty well (so I know when story bits happen and why they happen) it's just all the visual things I need for it I can't do well enough to match the vision I have for the game. So right now I'm still deciding what I need to do to have it match while I work on other things in the meantime.

Having you mention my art and hearing you have a fondness for the way I do it makes me smile though. I'm really hard on myself since I don't think I do very well--just well enough that I have it for my game--but hearing that it's resonated with you in someway makes me smile. Thank you for that!

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Random thoughts

The dream sequence ties the game back to the beginning of how it all started. You certainly could have just skipped the dream sequence if you wanted to. Just because there is a sequel doesn't mean you have to read it. If you disliked the story, then it's better that way you don't. The game stands alone just fine and the sequel is made if you liked the story as a whole and wanted more.

The puzzle was Capricorn (the slaughterer/there was a note for this), Aeris (ram!), Gemini (middle of the sky, again was a note for this), Libra (scales), Virgo (maiden).

I do agree the respawning enemies was a bit much and have definitely taken that into account for future projects.

For the Hiante problem, I figured in my head that in some magic way because a wizard did it, he survives because of his own determination at that point and partly because of Astra's magic now. Clearly she doesn't want him gone so subconsciously she and even Erio would have been giving him magic to keep going (but yeah, it's something I generally forgot about so lol)


I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the battles, but I suppose it's not for everyone. I do agree the astrology puzzle I should have done better (though I did place hints in the Original King's bookcase as far as I recall). I didn't find the game dragged out (there is maybe one part I would say I should have done better with the finding the boat in the cave and the OK's tower, but that's something I'll have to keep in mind for a next game. Certainly can't please everyone.

Q spoilers

Hiante's wife and daughter are dead now for sure, but they probably made it off the island (I think Hiante suggests as much) and lived their life elsewhere. A working theory in my head was that Astra actually is related to Hiante by being a distant grand daughter but I never went anywhere with the idea.

Although I'm sad you did not enjoy the game, thank you for giving it a try. :D Definitely not for everyone!

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but not that it copied that game

If he said that I would have asked him to look at when the games were released in relation to each other (mine was first, hence the initial confusion--I don't really see many reviews comparing an older game to a newer one (granted they are both old, but SSP is one year older)). I just found it odd because my game was released first and that one after and I usually don't hear of reviews comparing a game made in 2012 for example to something made after it in 2013. Usually it's the 2013 game being compared to the older one. So that's on me. I find it odd but again, you write however you want to write. For me, I wouldn't review something and compare it to Free Spirits because they both happened to have some kind of ghosts. But that's just me and just semantics at that point.