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Hi. I don't do very much but I certainly try.
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Beyond the stars and under the flakes of fallen snow, a kingdom sleeps.




I really like the aesthetic for this.


I despise databasing and then wanted to redo all of the maps I had done so far and then got something else to work on.


You're making me want to make an RPG again.

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@Alex, it's just a weakness thing. Take Snowe. His element is fire (you can tell because of his magic); his weakness is water. Whenever he is hit with water, he gets stunned and the enemy gets a free attack. You can exploit this on most enemies as well gaining your own free attack. It's nothing extravagant. I don't even know wtf Halcyon 6 is because I took it from Persona 3. The game did explain it and it's not my fault you did not pay attention to it.

@2013, check the summary. I made a web-novel sequel. Also I'm concerned with "the image in the Picture folder". How are you seeing into the picture folder?

The Huntress of the Hollow

This is really cute! I'll have to try it soon.

EDIT: So far I'm really enjoying it! The graphics are super adorable and I love the use of color. I don't have a lot of time to play but hopefully soon I can finish it.

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Yeah I know now about having auto saves. Past me didn't realize how much that was a nice thing. That happens. It's an OLD game now. I have no desire to go back and add something that may or may not break the game (never really know with VX). The one time I tried to get a save right before the boss and after the long cutscene, the game events broke and I never tried again. It's too much of a hassle especially now.

So once again: The game is done.

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Alex, I laughed really hard when all that warm and fuzzy turned into "plz nerf the bird". Poison him, debuff his stats, put him to sleep and heal up while he sleeps. I'm not going back to adjust anything in the game unless there is something game-breaking. I have other things to work on. Maybe I'll upload a savefile that's god mode so people can sail through if they'd like to just see the story.


Isn't it bad form to release something against the co-creator's wishes?

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I spent like 10 minutes looking at that going "what's wrong with it???" I didn't even notice the agility. Sorry about that!

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I guess I'll bite. Why is it sad?

Edit: LOL I see it now. I thought I fixed all the stats accidentally going down when they level up. I guess I did not. My bad. Snowe just got less dexterous (I can't even remember wtf the stat even does) that level.