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Traveling and Time Management

A demo will help you gauge if it moves too fast or not at the very least! Are you going to have a way to check the time? I think what we did in HWS was the AP system so you knew how much roughly points you had left to use (but it's been a while I could be wrong).

Also, that "Jesus Christ. I'm fucking tired!" shot has me laughing.

The To-Do List

Mid-July! Yes!

The encounters don't sound too bad. If you need help working through a hiccup, let me know. I was able to do something similar for Dragon Trials (the game I was making in VX Ace) and managed it pretty well, all things considered. Unless you're doing something totally unique, that is.

Meet Your Classmates!

Look at all these possible friends! It must be fun to balance them all against each other. Did you find yourself having your own favorite character in the cast or do you like them all equally?


Gosh, look at that old art in that title screen! :P

I am really glad you posted it here and let me know if there's any way I can help out! I'm really excited for it.

The Morning Star

Thank you for playing! :)


Yess! I hope you guys enjoy it!!

Progress Report!

Ooh, very excited! Can't wait ^_^

It's totally gonna be out before that podcast episode, haha!

EDIT: and knowing that I've said that, something is gonna go wrong. Where is some wood to knock on...

Progress Report!

Yeah, it’s probably best just to leave it the way it is. You don’t wanna have a FF7 type of situation where one fix-up to the code could spell doom! Just leave it the way it is and get the hell outta dodge.

Exactly! Knowing my luck something will just break if I try adjusting it now!


I'm so happy it's released!! Good job guys!

The Morning Star

They took the misao name away just when I started coming back! I'm appalled I didn't even know about it until it was pretty much gone!

And it's not like I haven't been trying to make games... it's just stuff usually happens and the project loses focus and I move on. And I was trying to get published (and failing), so I'm back to where I started! Games!

I do have something else in the wings while I work on this. I just really wanted to do a visual novel first to prove I could and I'm definitely far enough in development to know I'll release it. Hopefully early 2021 (I wanted to put that for a target date but it only lets me put actual dates. Too absolute!).