The Holy King, the Demon King and the Legendary Hero.




Thank you, Firefly! Great job. The maximum value for each stat (including HP and MP) is 999.


Thank you for letting me know about the Ancient Coin guide error--it was a mistake I made while formatting the guide. I just edited it with the correct information.

Fortunately, you can always change your name by asking the old man usually found in inns. It will even work if you're labeled as a murderer. I'm sorry that you reloaded...I hope you at least found the event amusing!

The lone tree is indeed the World Tree! If you search directly on top of the tile the tree is located, you may find a World Tree Fruit, but only if you already don't have one in your inventory. However, if you are in your ship and search one tile directly north of the tree (one tile to the northwest and one tile to the northeast also work) your character will find Posidonia, which allows you to breathe underwater (just like in my last game).

If you're able to equip Excalibur, here's a hint to learn how to obtain the Hot-Air Balloon: Montgolfier of Mersina is looking for a heat source that will never die out--an "eternal flame."


Hello Firefly84, thank you for your interest in writing a guide! I just posted an Ancient Coin location guide here on this page. Please let me know if you have trouble finding any.


Thank you!! You have a good ear--all of the BGM in my game (and almost all of the SE) are from the Super Famicom RPG Makers.

It's funny that you mention the group spells mechanic, it's something I tried for a while to make work! I looked everywhere for a group-targeting plugin, but couldn't find one--I even tried making my own but couldn't quite figure it out. Maybe I'll try and figure out how to implement it for my next game :)


Thanks, Punkitt!!


Hahaha, fortunately sugarcane can be found in many different places :)


Thanks so much, Kaempfer!


Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.


lol thank you!


Thank you!!
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