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Is it reasonable that if a game maker doesnt visit his/her site after a certain period of time, say 1 year or so...that the game is removed until and if, they return and respond to players posts?
I am playing a game where the maker hasnt posted on his game since 08/2010 and the game is still up to play. The last post from someone else was sometime in 2012. I was impressed that someone else who had played the game, responded to one of my 3-4 posts to the creator and gave me a bit of help.
Surely unless someone is dead, it is a responsibility to people who think enough of your game to play the damn thing, to at least check on it in case there are questions etc. Either that or remove the down loads.
If THEY wont do it, surely someone who breathes rarified air and calls the shots ought to have a plan to put into motion when this happens.
And I hope no one says its the sole responsibility of the maker to tend their own garden....thats just ...oh what do they call it in high society...oh yes....bull shit. You need to have some rules in place.
Actually theres another game where the maker hasnt bothered to respond to not only my posts but others as well. But Ive basically given up even politely Pm'ing him.
Most of you hee-haws here know how to go into the games and fiddly-diddly change this or that and continue. Dont forget many if not most here that PLAY the games dont know how to do this....maybe you should offer a how-to for simpletons like myself.
A lot of folk like me play the games and offer feedback and help with bugs, etc. You might have the genius to make the games but you depend on us to give you that feedback and help you make a better game. Its a partnership of sorts. When you do things like I mention above, it tends to make it seem you have little or no responsibilty to us. We take time to play your games and if we like it, we gladly take MORE time.
I believe what I am saying makes sense to some of you but most of the replies will be from thin skinned pissy pants....(maybe not though).
Ok...I'm through. My fingers are sore.


It may already have been mentioned...if so sorry.
I was on Face Book and as usual using the LIKE option.
Could we have the same thing? When someone makes a comment we like we could click it. Of course as always we can type a response beloe like we always do. But if someone just wants to like a comment, all that is needed is a click.
A lot of times you will find line after line of comments saying one worded replies and a simple like would suffice.
Not only does it save space but at a single glance, a game developer or just a poster has an idea as to how his comment was taken by the community in general.



Sometime I know a creators name but not his/her game and sometime the game but not the creator. Could you make an alphabetical listing of creators that have submitted games and/or as a flip side of the same coin, a list of games?

For example I have a game I have been playing for awhile but dont see a place I can enter the name to see if there are updates. I had forgotten to add it to my subscriptions. I dont know the creator either. A list like I mentioned would be helpful.

BTW its Defender of Ale(F)gard.



Is there a way to erase these? I have nearly 25 pages, which goes back a long time and just want them gone.
Whenever I see a game I am interested in, I always go to the page and make sure to edit out images, then save it...but it never works and I always get images anyway. So many notices are about images. I saw the filter but you can only pick one so I picked one about down loads thinking maybe it would only give notices when a down load was available....nope... I am still getting every thing including images.
I realize I can go to each game and edit but that is what I have been doing all this time with no effect.

Any advice?


When ever I st my settings, I always...unless I miss doing it...unclick the images since I dont really care to see them. But regardless I keep getting images (png right? ). When I double check the images square is unclicked so I shouldnt still be getting them if I am correct. How do I stop getting them?


Whenever I see a game I might want to play I look to see what stage its in and if they are looking for testers. Sometimes it isnt obvious and if you miss a post or two the chance might pass you by.

Anyway, what do you think about having on the main page and easy to see, a section labled TESTERS NEEDED or something similar? Creators could simply make it known they have a game ready to test.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Finding games

I dont see a place where you can type in a game ...other than the google place....and find it. There used to be a place I think. There is a place to view all games but it isnt alphabetized and youd have to go through the whole list and hope the game youre looking for isnt the very last one listed.



When I subscribe to a game I always edit out IMAGES. However many times when I see a notice for a game, it contains PNG's. Arent these images? Unless the definition is different than images, I am thinking I wont see notices containing them.
Also I tried deleting a game...Zephyr Skies:Winter Mage but instead the wallpaper pops up and wont allow the deletion. Not only that, but now I have THREE of them that I cant delete.

Lastly, I mentioned this before in a PM to one of the RMN gods. I was playing a game I really enjoyed but apparently the creator decided to simply disappear and in fact, it has completely disappeared because when I type in the name it wont even come up.
Apparently that is an option for the developer.
Ought there not be a definite understanding between creator/RMN that if a game goes a certain length of time without questions/concerns being answered, someone gets in touch and finds the disposition and makes a notice letting followers of the game know what to expect?
Thanks, Roy


You Lords of RPG creation always need testers for your games. Many times a tester will find a bug or glitch or something that isnt quite clear to the developer as to what is being discussed. Most of the time the developer then asks...can you send me a picture or something similar. I for one, not being technically gifted in the slightest, would be perplexed as to how to do this.
Whats to keep you guys from making a patch that could be used by testers? Every game would have this added to the game being tested. When you find a goof or grammar error or whatever needs be shown to the developer, all you do is click a certain button and it automatically takes a snap of the problem and either sets it aside or sends it directly to the developers site where they are receiving feedback.

Maybe it isnt easy but you folk are always pulling your hair out anyway trying to get your game to work. If you got this to work it would save you time and effort and misunderstanding.

Direct X

For some mysterious reason when I attempt to play any of the games here, I am stopped with a failure to initialize Direct X Audio.
I cant even play Netflix.
My question here is....not being in any way technically savvy, just a player of your marvelous games....why can I not PLAY the games w/o needing to have audio? When my speakers were down some time past, I simply turned on the game and played silently. I didnt miss anything except maybe for sound effects and music. Why is this audio problem keeping me from playing now?
Thanks! Roy
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