Extreme difficulty using CSS on game page.

Try doing a hard-refresh on your gamepage after applying any change to the gamepage's CSS. I don't know which browser you're using, but, in general, it seems you can accomplish this with Control+F5, or Control+Shift+R

Didn't work.

Good news is it seems my new CSS code is working, cause I saw it on a private/incognito browser. On my own browser it just isn't visible. As long as people can see it, I'm fine I guess?

Still weird. I examined my "inspect element" and found

And I was modifying my CSS earlier, so maybe I goofed and made my browser not read it properly?

Extreme difficulty using CSS on game page.

So far, it's my current code...

But my css does not appear on my own browser... It only appears on private browsers, and I omitted "style repeat" and desire my image to repeat vertically and horizontally, but it isn't.

My own browser continues to display a purple background and no image.

Extreme difficulty using CSS on game page.

I am not experienced doing it.

A couple questions... my gray download button image is missing, and my selected background image is not appearing on my page, but I'm not sure why.

Yugioh Cheater Lord

While I like the concept, I'm baffled that there isn't a single screenshot showcasing the duels (at this moment), even though the game seems to be nearly completed. You don't provide any information about the card pool, either, which could lead people to believe your project wasn't a legitimate one.

Points noted. Yugioh Cheater Lord's public profile is still fairly new and under construction, info on duels will be added in a day or so.
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