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Early Draft of the Biggest City in the Game...

Most of it is just a placeholder at the moment, but I do plan on refining things further. I'm also going to add more land mass to the left side (inaccessible in-game). The one in the middle will have all sorts of bridges and passes (it's a street merchant area).

Does literally everyone hate me, or am I missing something?

You had it coming. When you talk rudely to other people, they will take offense and fire back. Just because it's the Internet doesn't mean you're infallible. If you want to make friends here or anywhere else, learn some discipline and be kind. There's no shame in admitting that you've made mistakes and will continue to make them, just like everyone else. Learn from your experiences and move on. It's not that bad.

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Where RpgmakerNET Admin's?
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Where RpgmakerNET Admin's?
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Bye (Update: Maybe not)

Fair enough. Just an idea of what could help you replace what's been lost, besides a computer.

Bye (Update: Maybe not)

Sorry to hear, man. What a total crapshoot. Glad you're OK, though.

If and when you get the chance, start a GoFundMe page and link it here, so that people who have spare bucks can help chip in to replace your computer and other lost belongings.

Hang in there.

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Runic Cipher Review

You can buy those items in the stores themselves. Squire Shield in particular is a Combat Relic, so you'd need to get those off Relic Stores. As for Talon being able to use Steal, you can find Thief Gloves in the basement of that locked house in Sassoon City. Go to Kanto and speak to one of the NPCs there.

Yeah, Pathfinder will be an essential Field Relic to use throughout the game, as even cities and castles will have secret passages! I'll give the player another chance to get that in a dungeon in Chapter II, which shouldn't be too long from where Chapter I ends.

I appreciate your criticism of the game's difficulty levels and will keep fine-tuning them to prefer strategy over grinding. Cheers!