Runic Cipher
An old school JRPG with a refined style.



Does anyone remember RMN? (Remembering RMN)

also not dead

>tfw you've been working on the same project for almost two decades straight

We got this.

Runic Cipher

What a great demo, I loved playing this, It played flawlessly up until..
I finished up the Bandit quest and am saved right outside of Port Tyrfin.
Every time I try to board the Neptune, the screen goes black and an error box pops up saying, Runic Cipher ????????
I installed your patch to no avail.
Is this the end of the show for me, or is it some sort of manageable glitch?
Either way, this game is a masterpiece and you should be very proud of yourself.
Thank you.

Hello, thanks for playing the demo! I'm really glad to hear that you've enjoyed it thus far. Also, as for the bug, I'm sorry that's still happening. My own mistake because I deleted the last map for the demo, which was meant to transition over to the next chapter, so it's technically the end of Chapter I. Chapter II is mostly done, except for a few locations. Just give it some time before I upload the next demo. :)

Early Draft of the Biggest City in the Game...

Most of it is just a placeholder at the moment, but I do plan on refining things further. I'm also going to add more land mass to the left side (inaccessible in-game). The one in the middle will have all sorts of bridges and passes (it's a street merchant area).

Does literally everyone hate me, or am I missing something?

You had it coming. When you talk rudely to other people, they will take offense and fire back. Just because it's the Internet doesn't mean you're infallible. If you want to make friends here or anywhere else, learn some discipline and be kind. There's no shame in admitting that you've made mistakes and will continue to make them, just like everyone else. Learn from your experiences and move on. It's not that bad.

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Where RpgmakerNET Admin's?
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Cruise Bookings Online

Where RpgmakerNET Admin's?
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Bye (Update: Maybe not)

Fair enough. Just an idea of what could help you replace what's been lost, besides a computer.

Bye (Update: Maybe not)

Sorry to hear, man. What a total crapshoot. Glad you're OK, though.

If and when you get the chance, start a GoFundMe page and link it here, so that people who have spare bucks can help chip in to replace your computer and other lost belongings.

Hang in there.