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Triumphant Return

Hey, everyone. I'm sure you remember me from about a decade ago. I've just been really busy with personal stuff, but I'm still proceeding forward with the project. Currently mapping out a huge, medieval-themed city (Regindo), and it's unfortunately still going to take a bit more time. It's a very meticulous effort, but I've got it down to a point where I can structure the buildings and complement their surroundings with neat architectures. The project is currently pending approval, so stay tuned.

What I like about making these RPGs is that anyone can open them (not all, but most) and study the code or method, hopefully improving their own works. I'm still steadfast in keeping Runic Cipher a freely available game, as I'm doing this stuff just for fun. My only regret is that personal setbacks since five years ago really screwed up with my productivity, but things are much better now. I'm a lot more realistic about what I want to achieve with this project. I'm still in touch with my writer, although he personally isn't a forum person.

[RM2K3] Running RPG_RT.exe on Linux (Wine)

I've switched to GNU/Linux permanently, and was wondering on ways that could help out with making my game run as smoothly as possible.

I'm using the default build, but to be specific, RPG Tsukuru 2003 (version 1.08, translated by RPG Advocate). I've tried my best to get the hang of open-source alternatives such as EasyRPG Player, but the lack of easy flexibility has really discouraged me. It has a specific DBS, my characters are placed a different way in battle, common events within the DBS do not function normally, the glyphs (symbols) are not my customized set, and the font is different from what I'm used to. The Windows version did not work with Wine.

Since I did specify that I'm using the RPG Advocate version, I'm using Wine to have both the editor and the player run. For the most part, the editor works just fine, although loading up the database section takes a few seconds for me. I have more of an issue with the player, technically the file RPG_RT.exe. It currently doesn't give me any display errors when expanded, but the DBS is so ridiculously laggy, and at random intervals. It takes almost four seconds to process an attack, and the transition into battle also takes a while. I've tested with a vanilla project, and the DBS loaded just fine. For some reason, Wine is not able to handle a game made with a near-two-decade-old program. Is there any reason why it's lagging on my part? I actually did a quick vanilla Windows 7 test, and things were just fine. I'm just not sure where to look or what to configure, since information on getting any RPG Maker to run smoothly on non-Windows OS installations is quite scarce.

Also, through Wine, MIDI playback isn't working, despite installing a couple of DLLs in an attempt to circumvent that. MP3s and WAVs play, however. Would it be wiser to just convert to OGG?

These were the only helpful sources, but they didn't really solve my issues up above:
Mind you, I'm still pretty new to Linux, but I've been working on getting more acquainted with the kernel.

Any help with this would be great.

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Are You Voting for Obama This November?

Who's voting for Obama's second term as President this November? Why or why not?

I did not vote for him in 2008, and neither will I this year.

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I could go on but we would be further bored.

Quote Pyramid Game (Seized by the FBI)

Keep quoting posts.

Balls to the wall.
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