Does that gaem exist? It sounds cool.

But Hawking's harder to work with cuz of the chair...unless he's a Mech kinda char then that'd be kewl.

Legend of Liberace 3

Legend of Liberace 3

It's a dropbox link on the top of the LOL3 main page:

that one.


Ron Jeremy at no point appears in this game.

....unless you unlock all the secret spheres of endowment.




He's a story driven character. in the final boss fight you actually just hold off the boss while Dolemite powers up his Kameuha-meu-ha-HIM-A-HOO-LA! attack.

(spoiler end)

Chronicles of the Three Gangsta Kingdoms: Episode 4, The 108 Heroes of the Dolemite

it is. but it's pretty dead.

Dragon Kingdoms III

Whoa! 1995!

I loved this program! I didn't like RPG maker 2000 because the resolution was bad...but RPG maker xp's resolution looked more like the 95 one.

Anyway. this prog was so fun. good game.

Final Fantasy Discovery

this game looks really pro. i want to play it.

Legend of Liberace 3

As for Liberace's got out of handedly stupid. Like, Manos releases the seal which imprisoned Hitler in the time vortex...and then Liberace and Zero Mostel had to go back in time to fight him and re-seal him...and then Hitler became Mecha-Hitler...and....I was too dumb even for Legend of Liberace standards.

Legend of Liberace 3

I did...but, I'm not sure it's very good.

There was one part I thought was good though, (the only part) where Vincent Price and Winston Zeddemore have to sneak into a Ghost Bar and preform vaudeville in order to gain access to the Ghost World where they fight Manos. I made a pretty good Winston graphic and the vaudeville act went on for like ten minutes and their chemistry was real good together and their shtick was killer. I even made like a gimmicky "Joke Battle" fight system where you "fight" an audience and use "jokes" as attacks and have to kill them with good jokes.

The Joke Battle System I re-hashed as a gimmick for 108 Heroes of Dolemite game I was playing with. Dolemite, Leroy and Skillet have to kill audiences with jokes too. Like all the sound effects were laughter and your skills was your material and you learn new material (ie like your a-list jokes had Dolemite telling funny jokes via text or audio file and then it would cause damage to the audience). I also wanted to use it as a debate sorta thing in the shortly lived attempt at a Carl Sagan game...where Sagan would not fight monsters but debate people.

Truth is, I think Lol 3 as it stands is a game people can enjoy. It's not necessarily terrible...and in the new sidequests (aside from the good Vaudeville scene with Vincent Price and Winston killin' ghosts with comedy) I don't really think anyone would really like it. It seems forced and pointless.

Thanks for playing the game though and commenting.