Elaborate Economy System

Is there any games out there which feature an elaborately designed economy for their game's world? I'm talking about how things work in say games like Civilization where you build farms, markets, and they all have multiplying effects on your total output.

I.e. a formula like (number of markets x 1.5) x (map bonuses) - (expenditures) = money gained that turn.

I was thinking of doing a small game which features heavily on village building and trading with surrounding villages and less emphasis on fighting monsters and stuff. Markets would rise and fall when goods were over or under trade too like the system they had in Uncharted Waters: New Horizons on SNES.

A village building game with a high emphasis on goods trade...with a stock market style rising falling markets, supply and demand...etc. Back to original question, has anyone experimented with a system like this in their game's world? I would be interested in seeing such a game.
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