Ara Fell is Live!

I see okay. Has the game full gamepad support?

Ara Fell is Live!

Any chance for a DRM-free version on Humble Store?

Moving forward with development and a update to the Demo.

Ah I see, that's how you did it.

It's just confusing because you didn't actually edit the download so it shows:

"Celestial Tear : Demon's Revenge Demo part 1.

Added: 05/28/2014 10:00 PM
Updated: N/A"

Looks like it hasn't been updated since Mai.

Moving forward with development and a update to the Demo.

You will probably want to update the demo in the download section as well as most people won't check old blog entries for download links.

Kickstarter Launched!

This is on the main page, nice to see you getting some exposure here. :-)

Preference on Dungeon Length

I wouldn't say any dungeon length, but:

1. There should be a way to save at least every 20 minutes tops (better less).
2. If the dungeons are large, they should have a very "broad" design rather than a "long" one, meaning there are tons of different paths, but the shortest correct way is still pretty short once you know it. A big dungeon with only a linear correct path and a few forks where any wrong path leads to a dead end with a treasure chest is not so much fun and means too much backtracking usually.
3. Shortcuts help a lot for bigger dungeons. Shortcuts can be for example elevators that you can activate after reaching a certain floor that will instantly get your back close to the entrance. That way on the next visit you can shorcut a lot of what you couldn't before. Backtracking through the dungeon is also much easier.
4. Spells! Some spell can make dungeon crawling a lot more comfortable such as a spell to instantly escape the dungeon or a spell that sets up a portal to which you can return to at any time.

If you have all these things then even a dungeon lastest for 30 hours won't become tedious. After all, dungeon crawlers are always like that.

Ditching the world map? ...and other ideas.

Removing the world map is fine. Star Ocean 1 did that and Secret of Mana also did that. It's neither a particularly good nor a particularly bad idea, but it's possible to justify it. I think without world map, the game's world will seem a lot bigger and easier to get lost in. I DO like that. Biggest disadvantage is that traveling around can get tedious, especially if backtracking is involved. The backtracking needs to be planned out really well and is usually solved by something like the transport cannons in Secret of Mana. I can also be solved by a "broad" map design, i.e. once you know the path, it's pretty short. Or by adding shortcuts (removing a boulder that blocked the shortcut and stuff).

As for dungeon design, I personally don't really mind maze-like labyrinths with lots of monsters. I grew up with Phantasy Star II after all. And I lost the booklet with the maps on.
I do understand how many players have the need for puzzles and variety, though.
I think it's all about the balance between the two. Only battles might made the game monotoneous (unless the battles itself are interesting, don't forget that battles could be puzzles in themselves too if well designed). But too many puzzles will make it feel more like a puzzle game.
Besides for puzzles you still risk to cause a lack of variety by simply making boring puzzles. I'd prefer bigger dungeon-themed puzzles over "slide these boxes to clear the room" puzzles any time.

Regarding equipment - both! There shouldn't be the need of having too many different equipments and at the same time the equipments should be fairly unique. Thought if you really want to focus on unique equipment needed depending on situation you might want to give the player a chance to change them mid-battle. Because keeping on dieing because of the wrong equipment being equipped before the battle is kind of frustrating.

Learning Curve is Fatal

I don't mind that the first battle is already challenging if it actually explains the player what to do. Like telling him in the face "The boar is preparing a hard attack, it seems to be a good idea to guard the next turn!"

Games should be challenging from start to end, but at the same time the "rules and tricks" need to be very accessible.

Thank you guys!

I generally don't really subscribe to games, but you can add me to the number of interested persons for statistically purposes. :p

The only wish I have is that you'll actually finish the game even if it takes longer than expected.

Progress on Version 1.3

I'm fine with anything. I mean how the levels are designed isn't really too much the issue, but rather that there is no challenge in avoiding the monsters. Either they are in the way or not, but hardly anything like "If you figure out their movement pattern and got a perfect reaction you can get through unharmed".
Design the levels how you personally want, but make sure that YOU can clear the game without dieing while keeping the high difficulty at the same time. If you die in your own game despite knowing all the monster patterns then there must be something wrong with it. But a high difficulty is always good and if you personally like high difficulties there is no reason to get away from it.
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