Why is this game marked as commercial although it isn't? You would probably get more viewers if you didn't set it to commercial.

Deity Quest

Gratz on getting covered on IndieRPGs.com by the way. :-)
I knew I saw the game somewhere before.

Edit: Oh I just realized that you have released it just now.

Deity Quest

It looks definately interesting! Good to see non-default RPG Maker assets for a change. The battle system also looks interesting. Reminds me a bit of the original King's Bounty (for Genesis).
It's quite hard to imagine how the game actually will be like, though. I'd love to see a gameplay video on this one.

About the lack of feedback, this place is probably not the best place to advertise commercial games, the majority here doesn't really like it when games aren't free. =p

I'll definately watch it, though! :-)

Safety: Life Is A Maze

I just remembered this game. Haven't heard from you in a while.


Oh nice, you added Motrya on RMN. :-)

Safety: Life Is A Maze

Hey, any news about the development progress?

Obama RPG: Magical Quest 3 HD - Future Legend of Superhuman President Starring Barack Obama

Very well done presentation of your game in your blog. Better than most of the non-parody game presentations.

Safety: Life Is A Maze

The saves are put into the same folder as the game (the folder where the executable is). If no saves are created, then try what I suggested above.

Also seems like everyone agrees that the randomness should be reduced. ;-)

Pirate Rush

Need motivation, huh?

Well ok...


Your game looks awesome, go finish it!!!!!

Safety: Life Is A Maze

Maybe you have no write access on the folder, this could cause it at least. Try running it in admin mode?
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