Admitting Defeat - When A Videogame Breaks Your Spirit

Yeah, that could be a reason why it was hard for me, because I never use steal skills in games (except it's mandatory like Locke in FFVI stealing those clothes).

Admitting Defeat - When A Videogame Breaks Your Spirit

You might just be terrible at RPGs.

But why do I think that SaGaFrontier 1 is easy when everybody else says it's too hard then? =p

Also I've heard from multiple other independent sources already that BoF III was hard.

Might even go so far and say that every Capcom game is hard.

Wow, the official RPG Maker site forum rules are..... wow!

I like both very strict rules and no rules at all.

Sometimes I just want to seriously and professionally discuss about something without anybody attacking me, because I don't share their opinion.

And sometimes I just want to write something really controversial that makes everybody upset and consequently gets a lot of attention; because I don't have any real life friends.

I once was in a game journalism forum that was really great. Nowhere else I could ever do so much in-depth analysis of game design and even though everybody had a different opinion, people where actually interested about different opinions rather than being all like "You're wrong".
That same forum also had a hidden (from unregistered users) forum that didn't have any rules and that place was probably the craziest place I've ever been in. People talked about things you usually wouldn't even talk with your wife about. It was great to be able to freely speak your mind and write down really crazy hypotheses.

Admitting Defeat - When A Videogame Breaks Your Spirit

author=Feldschlacht IV
3. Breath of Fire III. Really only quit that one because I couldn't beat the next dungeon without running out of resources. The battles didn't even give enough gold to pay for the healing items you needed to win them anymore and you just got into an endless spiral of difficulty: less gold -> can't afford better equip -> even less gold -> can't even afford healing items anymore.
Are we talking about the same game? BOF III isn't insultingly easy, but it's not particularly hard, either. What dungeon is this?

The problem with the game is the resources. I remember it started to get really hard around the time I got Momo. I couldn't beat the next dungeon, some... plantation. I remember that after three battles my resources were already trained. I could have used healing items but the cost for them was higher than what gold I got from a battle. So I just started grinding like crazy, always doing 3 battles, then leaving, resting and then do it again. I grinded for like 5 hours and then I had accumulated enough gold and gained enough levels to beat the dungeon. After that I was good to go until I reached a new island that was more industrial. There you need to go to some beach cave. There I was stuck again, because the battles were so hard I could hardly win 3 of them again and my gold was almost used up again. At that point I just didn't feel like grinding another 5 hours again. That's where I quit.

I am setsuna

<rya> buy a bad game so they can make more

But it's not a bad game.

You say "Boring characters, really?" but you offer no argument to why that can't be a big problem.

I meant that the characters are actually not more boring than the character in Chrono Trigger. Personality depth, character development and uniqueness are all on very similar levels.

I don't even think the game is all that good, if people said the ridiculously high difficulty ruins it for them then I could understand, it ruined it for me too. But complaining about things that are not actually better in Chrono Trigger, just shows that people don't know what they want.

If you took people that want retro games now, then erased their memory of Chrono Trigger and then offered them to buy Chrono Trigger for a similar price, it probably would suffer as much as I Am Setsuna is doing.

Also the developers really put their all into this game, you should at least play it until you can get to the secret developer room, it is almost heart-breaking: "I know the game isn't perfect, but I still love it."

I am setsuna

Sounds to me like you're just not liking the game. Boring characters, really?

Why shouldn't it have had CT's name linked to it? Why is it a bad sequel to Chrono Trigger? What made CT great for you that wasn't copied?

Like if before this game you'd have asked around what people would like to see, there would be a conversation like this often:
Q: What would you like to see?
A: Hmm, someone should make a game like Chrono Trigger again.
Q: So what was so cool about it?
A: The battle system of course! It was cool how every single encounter was integrated into the scenery and different, all required some strategy and there were those cool combos too.

I Am Setsuna is basically Square Enix's answer to this demand.

The fact that people just don't like it all that much now or don't even buy it because "$40 is overpriced for a 2D game", just shows that people really just don't know what they want. They might say they want a game like Chrono Trigger, but in reality they want to waste all their money on modern 3D super high-res graphic games and on microtransactions in addictive mobile games. People might complain about those all the time, but that's where their money goes anyway.

Now Square Enix can just rightfully say "Well, we tried, seems such games are just not popular anymore". It's sad.

[RMVX ACE] 3-D or Higher Res?

Isn't that more a matter of taste? I personally don't like 3D games, so the choice is pretty easy for me.

Admitting Defeat - When A Videogame Breaks Your Spirit

Well, there are tons of games I never beat because they are too hard, but if we focus only on games that I really liked:

1. SaGaFrontier Riki's scenario. This is my favorite game of all times and I played through each of the characters 3 times... except Riki! I just can't defeat that Ring Lord, because he's invincible and you need to impress him with cool combos but no matter what I try I just can't get any big combos going when I have a monster-type in my group.

2. I Am Setsuna. I love it almost as much as Chrono Trigger, but eventually you get to dungeons that have no save point for 2+ hours and normal monsters start to be able to easily wipe your party in just one turn. I played 2 hours... died. Quit for 2 weeks. Tried again. Played 2 hours, died again without reaching any save point. Permanent rage quit.

3. Breath of Fire III. Really only quit that one because I couldn't beat the next dungeon without running out of resources. The battles didn't even give enough gold to pay for the healing items you needed to win them anymore and you just got into an endless spiral of difficulty: less gold -> can't afford better equip -> even less gold -> can't even afford healing items anymore.

4. Star Odyssey. I kinda liked the setting of this game, but the game is ridiculously hard as the monster difficulty only scales with your level. If you level up before getting the next tier weapon or another party member, you are literary stuck in the game, not able to win any battle anymore. There was no way to lose Exp in the game, if you died, you lost half the gold, but that's ridiculous! If you have ANY gold loss from dying or from buying any item you currently don't need, the game immediately becomes impossible to win because you won't be able to afford the next weapon before your next level up. After I explained the developer my predicament, he refused to fix this obvious flaw. =/

That's all I can think of right now. Wizardry never was a problem for me. I played through the SNES version of part 1-3 using Save/Load State on an emulator, with that I managed to have quite some fun and finish the game. I remember finishing Wizardry 7 when I was young and had lots of time. I quit Wizardry 8, but only because I got bored. I finished the japanese Wizardry game for PS3 as well (and all its expansions too). And I played Elminage Gothic up to the final boss at least. After 200 hours grinding, I just didn't have enough motivation to grind for the final boss anymore.

"On Let's Plays" - Dev expresses plight over how LP's have impacted his game's sales

I definitely switched from buying games to watching LPs of games. Some games are just so that when you watched someone play them you don't feel like buying them at all anymore because their only selling point was their amazing story.

I'd be okay if part of the LP video's income would go to the developer. I wouldn't want LP videos being taken down, though.

In my case the games I ended up not buying because I watched them all the way were Life is Strange and all the TellTale games. They all did well in sales anyway.

As for indie games... I think maybe if you are an indie developer you simply shouldn't develop a game that is only interesting because of its story. If you are indie, you are free, you can invent completely new genres and make games nobody has even imagined before. Make a game that people play because playing it is so much fun. Then you won't have this problem in the first place.

I am setsuna

Yeah, I Am Setsuna isn't perfect as the new stuff doesn't synergize too well with the CT stuff, so much is clear.

But that the skill names and themes are taken straight from CT is still something I'd put at the "Good points" side of I Am Setsuna, because those were exactly the things that made me happy because they gave me a nostalgic feelign

Some games are simply so good that you just want an exact copy of them with only the story being changed since you know the original one already out of your head after the 10th playthrough.