Creating heroes in SRPG Roguelike

Due to the lack of SRPGs (Strategy RPGs, some people also call them TRPGs) that I actually enjoy, I was thinking about writing my own SRPG engine and combine it with the roguelike feature of random floor generation, so that I have endless amounts of battles to play. I've started creating game designs for it and am already pretty happy with most decisions I made, but there is one thing I just can't decide for: How character generation should work.

So I just wanted to collect some opinions to get a few different viewpoints on it.

Basically think of creating 6-8 units at the start of the game.

System A: Full Freedom
- The player manually decides for the starting stats (including movement and weapon) and the growth of each character (with a limit of total stats/growth)

System B: Stats Roll
- Stats & Growth simply get rolled out and player can only decide to "take it" or "roll again"

System C: Movement Type & Weapon Choice
- Player selects a movement type (normal, horse, fly), normal movement type will result in better stats while other movement types give advantages (horse can move faster on free fields, fly can ignore land effects and fly over obstacles)
- Player selects a weapon type, depending on the weapon his basic stat layout will be chosen (e.g. Axe fighters have more DEF, Lance fighters more HP, Bow users can attack from distance but have less DEF, etc.)
- Player now rolls out the stats (with reroll option), but the randomness will be much lower here as most is determined by the combination of movement type and weapon

System D: Class selection
- Out of the different possible movement & weapon combinations I create 30+ classes (normal+sword = swordsman, normal+axe = warrior, normal+magic = mage, horse+spear = knight, fly+sword = birdwarrior, etc.), there might not be a class for any combination and there could be two classes with the same combination or even a class that equip different weapon types
- Player just selects the class, alone based on the class the basic stat and growth layout is decided
- Weapon types are independent to stat growth, but they determine the stat bonuses you get from equipping them (e.g. Axes might give a bonus in DEF, a warrior will get lots of DEF himself with the added DEF from axes, but there might also be a berserker class that doesn't get any DEF and depends sorely on its axes to get DEF at all)
- Player can roll out the stats, but the randomness will be much lower again as most is determined by the class

Monster-capturing for PC?

So I saw someone on another forum asking for PC games that have monster-capturing. Not just playing as monster but more like Pokémon where you can catch them and they evolve. Or even like SMT where you can combine them.

I'm not really into that sort of games. However, I researched for him if I could find any indie RPGs for PC that are like that and I actually found nothing. Could it really be that all those games are for consoles only?

So I was wondering if you know any. Maybe even an RPG Maker game here on RMN with such a feature? I guess RPG Maker isn't really designed for implementing such a system, though...

Any PC game would be fine. I'll forward the suggestions.

Multimedia Fusion 2 in Humble Bundle

Couldn't really decide where to put this and if it's really relevant for people mainly developing RPGs, but you can get Multimedia Fusion 2, a game creation tool by the Click Team, now for basically free in this weeks weekly bundle:
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