Seraphic Blue (English)

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This is a quandary I and others have had, and I will put it to rest since I found an answer:

Q: Why am I having trouble playing Seraphic Blue or any RM2k games on Win 10 and above and why are people mentioning RM2K games on an actual console, how can people do that?
A: EasyRPG (https://easyrpg.org/) is what people use to play it on consoles and can circumvent the compatibility issues for PC users, it is like the Retroarch of RM games. All you need do is just slap it into the folder and run the program, it will play the game using the files of the folder as it emulates the launcher. Easy RPG also has other functions that regular RM2K does not such as screencaps and fast forward.

Correction, apparently in many cutscenes a sprite of Lake facing forward appears in various parts of the screen, I thought it was EasyRPG, but after Downloading DonMiguel's RM2k RTP it is happening even outside of it.

Seraphic Blue (English)

The Info dump of character name origins was deleted from the link I posted, yet from skimming through the edit history, I was able to find it.

The page in question
http://www21.atwiki.jp/seraphicblue/pages/34.html (Strangely after I posted the link in the past, that info I was mentioning vanished)

Note: Some of the links are missing, but if you can run it through google translate, you can find the links. Also it's from the machine translation so it's exceptionally crude at times, the US articles do not have the same info the Japanese Wikipedia has.

Other of the original story - R is real

In the play of the novel "Kunasu Worth" ...... Stephen King's novel "Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption" and the film version of "The Shawshank Redemption" is the original story. "Kunasu Worth (Knahswahs)" read the reverse of "Shoshanku (Shawshank)".

Characters Meryl, Milly the original story of Nixon's wife, daughter, "Merrill", "Milly" ...... Manga "Trigun".

However, in the SeraphicBlue English version is denoted Merrill, and Mirry, former financial institution Merrill Lynch suggests.
The name of the Nixon is also assumed that was borrowed from the famous Richard Nixon in the United States president.

That the translator is given a monopoly of the author. Now it has also completed play videos.
"I am the sole translator of this game, and has permission to translate this game by Tempura himself."

Proper noun seems to be based on the right of the book wrote the background of the Iraq war. "American conservative mainstream" Hirose Takashi Author Shueisha 2003/9/22

It is mixed noun called "Cheyenne," "Doris," "Fritz" for the present description.
Foxy is " Fox ", Morgan" Morgan firm . " Ewan/Yuan "Evan" (Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans).
Georg German pronunciation of "George". Here the original story of the but US President George · W · Bush,
I later another George in Lake Land Berry parts.

In addition, it is not appeared in his book, Syria Middle East countries, Aisha Asia, Virginie is that is based on Virginia state.
Austin Texas state capital. Also city of Houston Texas. Utica is a city located in central New York.
Ice Harbor Washington dam. That there is an immediate Richland beside (there are many place names in the United States called Richland).

Yancey in the Yangtze River Yangtze, Kursk that Russia's state Kursk, naming with a global spread Rothschild clan (punishment) indicate that the El of reality that is you are behind the scenes scattered in the world.

The land that is to the original story of the character name, the German Shutendaru and France of Montelimar, Russia Voronezh,
And there is a nuclear power plant construction sites, such as already Kursk that was introduced (primary of Germany Stendal unfinished). Hirose is opposed to nuclear power.
γ (Gamma) Radiation profusely stronger. Maybe have complained of a fear of radiation to the player.

El and "Children" ...... "Red Shield" AL Hirose Takashi Author Shueisha 1991/11/10 at the end of the genealogy Abundant R = Rothschild

"Red Shield - Rothschild of mystery" pedigree 42 Http://Arsmagna.Jimdo.Com/ (. see the title to the right and slide into roll down click to enlarge)
"Red Shield" the first volume of hero James Goldsmith , however, is not the head family of Rothschild.
Appeared only name at the end of the genealogy Edmund de Rothschild , it's but the first time he seems to head family are written with庶流.

Fyodor ...... Svyatoslav Fyodorov

I chose the flying road from the Institute life he had finally become a star.

Turku ...... town Turku of Finland southwest Japan had done the export of weapons to such Finnish independence activists. Nuclear power plant there.

Know surprised Japan and political relations of Finland

Kokomo ...... city of Indiana Howard County. Innovation occurs it is "first of the city" by the natural gas boom.

Lake Land Berry ...... British land Berry closest to the artificial lake

Construction's George . Past in the construction property in the section of Wimpey Construction have been introduced.
Besides the dam London Heathrow Airport , Hong Kong Bank of China , Shanghai Bank in Hong Kong , the Channel Tunnel is.

Vu~ene (first draft) ... Estonia riots called "bronze night" took place in the capital of one region Vene 2007 in Tallinn. Nashi involvement.

In addition to it has been thought line of South America Venezuela Venezuela character overplus, it is Oct 15, 2010 Seraburu public had agreed to Russia and nuclear laying 2004/5/15
But some disturbing point also. Masonic Lodge Japan's first Grand Master is to have come from Venezuela.

Vu~ene (Dainiko) ...... Vienna

After all, the decisive support from Estonia as the original story it was not obtained. So I think again from her name.
"Vene", the first place should not be read as Vu~ene. If you read as English it would be "Vienna".
If you read as German "Fene". If you want to read and Vu~ene "Wene" and no other to be written as. Yet English version stubbornly "Vene".
Possibly, or not encryption that .

Austrian capital Vienna. It is said to have happened from Frankfurt It is close in every sense to Rothschild,
To go unchecked the Radiation (radioactivity) International Atomic Energy Agency is the headquarters of the.

Zeke belt/Siegbert ...... investigation per the interim report. It seems the person was real that Siegbert Rothschild (1907-1995).

Douglas ...... Isle of Man of the capital. 17-18 century smuggling base. Now tax haven is. Tynwald below the island's parliament.

The National Lottery is the state-franchised national lottery in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man.
Tickets Became available on the Isle of Man on 2 December 1999 at the request of Tynwald. ... Wikipedia " National Lottery "

Global incident that had occurred in this 1999/12/2 Third World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference (11 / 30-12 / 3)
President Bill Clinton was busy trying to promote globalism had been helping the election funds from Rothschild, such as Robert Rubin.

In addition, approximately one month prior to the 1999/11/12 in the US Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act has been enacted and enforced.
Until then was enacted in 1933 Glass-Steagall Act by, banks and securities industry had to be independent.
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act is intended to eliminate the silver certificate isolation, or abandon invested deposits of banks under the umbrella Morgan and Rothschild to the securities market, with or withdrawal, is it possible to price manipulation I have had.

"In light of this the United States of trends, even in Japan (snip) both the banking and the securities business now Itonameru so."

And recently, a secret draft of a global trade agreement Trade in Services Agreement, including the financial industry (TISA) was published.
More things of that attempt the financial liberalization without also stiffness in the world financial crisis. Draft of the Annex and its analysis

By the way, Isle of Man flag Brzezinski do wonder a coincidence that similar to the crest.

According to the Gaia ...... "theogony" is a primordial god was born from chaos. Genealogy of the gods in Greek mythology

"Japan Hades" the day before 1999/12/2 written in Douglas was established. Capital of Rothschild has gone penetrate into the Japanese economy.
1999 lottery affiliates
time when lottery was drunk Olympian
Olympian gods and corporate
Olympian → Trilateral Commission
Trilateral Commission → Rockefeller
Rockefeller ≒ Rothschild

Catherine Rio ...... resources major largest multinational company Rio Tinto (Rio Tinto) and its subsidiaries Mary Kathleen Uranium Ltd

Until 1905 the investment ratio occupied in the Rothschild Rio Tinto was over 30%.

However For Catherine, Katharine Graham (1917-2001) Ms. what is a potent as the original story.
Since it feels difficult to find out this person, leading to the Rothschild family tree to keep bear to introduce.

Benedicta ...... Ruth Fulton Benedict (1887-1948) WAS an American anthropologist and folklorist.

Benedict Ms. cultural anthropologist, in June 1944, was given the mission to study about Japan. This is to be a reference for military operations.
While Japan and the United States can not field work per warring, the Japanese are more enemies, she was represented by a point of view of Japanese which eliminated the imagination of Westerners.
Her report must have been made a dropped far from the war. But as early as during the war, the idea of ​​the Japanese that Japanese did not even barely conscious,
Like scoop out the heart Because it was communicated in a clear and vivid image, while his work is widely read in the United States, so as not to wake up the Japanese,
It's not advertised absolutely in Japan, has been a way of placing that hard to find.

"The Chrysanthemum and the Sword:. Patterns of Japanese Culture" Rutland, VT and Tokyo, Japan:. Charles E. Tuttle Co. 1954 orig 1946.

This work is out Japanese translation is several times. The title of "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword", something like Convincing the era novel.
If I read a clear human the Seraphic blue, you will find a downlink such as the following that familiar to tenth chapter. With respect to movies and novels,

"What is a hero is good for us (Westerners) is, just select that he is to stand in the" more correct side ", but because they confront the adversary is evil. If you ask us, it is the "justice will win." Happy end there must be. Good is he such should be rewarded.
However seek without even weariness Japanese, to balance hard to liability to the honor of the world and the self, After all the It's a story that is over the "grave importance" of the hero that pay off to choose death. In many cultures, this story It will be a story to teach the case abide a heartless fate.
However, in Japan, it is not the story of the theme of this hand. It is the story of the ruthless decision and aggressiveness "(Heibonsha, 2013/8/9)

It is this book that also appear "sincerity" and "Damocles", but what is meant by them ultimately, is was a light blue "virtue of the dilemma."

" Ayako Ishigaki in diary "is Kakinokosa the fact that the document has been deleted in the United States War Department.

1947/7/10 "Ruth Benedict of the original, is cut majority. Expected had been, but ....
From the "Americans like travel ...", until the "risk of war" last, all wiped out.
Of more of Owari, "Do not impose US-style democracy in the world," she of the word also kill all "

In addition, Benedict was aware of the Japanese surrender of 1945/8/15, wrote a letter addressed to Japanese Americans Robert · S · Hashima that served as her assistant,
Among them, it is noted and tears flowed know that gyokuon-hōsō flows.

Laurentia ...... Laurentia (North American Craton) IS a Large Continental Craton.

Iqualit ...... city located on Baffin Island in southern Canada. There is also regular flights of aircraft from Toronto and Montreal.

And if it does the round and the G8 in the city rut of Seattle since stepping on, it is sneaking To huddle in frigid remote areas. Easy-to-read English version of the map is here

Envy (first draft) ... is known for mineral water Evian les Bains (Evian-les-Bains) and the Swiss village Romainmotier Envy

There is Romainmotier Envy to the north of Lake Geneva facing the Evian. Entire Switzerland, including this village is considered a motif of Kusamachi.
It is banking the point that the rotten Switzerland. France and banker altogether it has to kinship. And the French banker is Rothschild and laws.
In addition to the monopoly of these markets, the Swiss private bank will be criticized as being used for money laundering.

Lake Geneva or where such Kusamachi front of the barrier. Swiss landscape is perfect to cheat the dirtiness of gold.
Two countries of the minimum of "surrounded by French territory Monaco" and "Liechtenstein which is in contact with the Swiss" is a "plumbing" for money laundering.

"Traditionally in the diplomatic front, Monaco when the connecting other countries and the diplomatic relations it is determined necessary to France of prior consent. "
In addition, it is now to be counted as a tax haven from both the OECD and the IMF.

One of Liechtenstein is a plight, such as the following. "It is also known as a tax haven,
Also concentrated paper company of foreign companies for the purpose of tax exemption (corporation number of companies are said to be greater than the population) "

In addition, New York's Manhattan island but the largest skeleton of the tax haven, there are many also place called Envy is in this area.

In NewYorkTimes (2012/4/28), Apple, Google, Amazon, that it had been washed Microsoft's funds have been exposed.
FinancialTimes (2012/8/15), the Shanghai bank holding company in Hong Kong HSBC is drug trafficking revealed the fact that it had been money laundering the benefits mentioned in.

Margot ...... Margot Käßmann the Lutheran theologian of Germany. 1983, to attend the World Council of Churches (WCC) general meeting in Vancouver.

If you fly by clicking on the World Council of Churches, Switzerland is known as the headquarters. Here it is connected to the Rothschild and Mason.

Hammer ...... Armand Hammer (1898-1990) or. The return blood or implied communism cat. Unknown relationship between the Catskill Mountains to be described later.

One point in the Communist cult. Paris Nordic commercial banks (BCEN) foreign banks of France leading. Once the capital in full the Soviet Union had been suppressed.
I do not grasp anything accurate place in repeated surveys of national police and other institutions. Major shareholders in 2005 became the VTB Bank of Russia.
Wikipedia description disparities related to VTB Bank: Japan version and English version

Since Robutsu Entente of 1891, it may be seen as these economic relationship has continued.
Had been funded Siberian railway Guntsuburuku was called "Rothschild of Russia".

Ravenna along the way of the mountain ...... Catskill Mountains (the Catskill) is gentle and mountains in the middle of New York, USA.

When you click the Catskill headrace, it can be seen that seems this waterway is responsible for more than 40 percent of the tap water supply to New York City.
After moving rich with a villa in this mountain is collusion, to stop the supply of water could also be plunge into chaos in New York.

How did that led to the discovery of the story lies in the terminal of Margot Kyoyume-do body created list . For Veronica Woodstock,
Woodstock is I have found that the famous summer resort, which is in the Catskill Mountains.

Einstein to Roosevelt US President Mitterrand and the French President in the list (the latter-laws related to the R),
Further military leading companies Rockwell International and global jeweler Montblanc there until the name of. In addition, Caucasus is Baku oil fields suggests.

Named Nathan Caucasus even, this is Nathan Rothschild wonder it is in the original.
Nathan founded the N · M · Rothschild & Sons , the world's leading financial advisors, sometimes introduction already Edmund was management.
Nigel Higgins was appointed to the CEO, have been written, such as put an end to family management it would be a lie.
Rothschild surrounding the British and French Prime Minister any person to relatives, there is no reason to cede the seat to the person who is not a family.

N · M · Rothschild & Sons holds the supremacy of world financial markets. There is a book to do so insist. Eustace Mullins "central bank private owned - tragedy of the nation the United States that were deprived of their sovereignty" Hayashi Gotaira translation beautiful, Inc. 1995

Federal Reserve Bank of New York holds the shares of indirectly ( Lehman Brothers through, etc.) I have to control the American economic policy.

In 1914 the Federal Reserve? major shareholder when the can is a 5 lines that are listed below.
Issued shares was 203 053 shares. Each row of the acquisition of shares in parentheses. It referred to the ruler to the right of acquisition of shares.

National City Bank (30000) - James Stillman , Rockefeller and Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

On October 24, 2008 it fell into financial crisis, PNC Financial Services was acquired by. PNC is Black Rock is also that it has acquired.
PNC is contained in the main tenant Top of Troy Troy of the original story that gives me protection suit.

National Bank of Commerce (21000) - Morgan firm, (as a representative of the Harriman family Mary · W · Harriman W · Averell Harriman to keep set a), Kuhn, Loeb & Co.

04/01/1839 Established Bank of Commerce in New York (1839-1865)
1865 Convert Federal National Bank of Commerce in New York
04/01/1900 Acquire By Merger National Union Bank of New York, The
03/01/1903 Acquire By Merger Western National Bank of the US in New York
04/01/1929 Succeeded By Bank of Commerce in New York (4 / 1929-5 / 1929)
05/04/1929 Merge To State Guaranty Trust Company of New York
04/24/1959 Name Change To Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
11/10/2001 Merge To State JPMorgan Chase Bank
11/13/2004 Convert Federal JPMorgan Chase Bank , National Association

First National Bank (15000) - Morgan firm, George Fisher Baker

First National Bank of New York, Now Part of Citibank

Hanover National Bank (10300) - James Stillman
Chase National Bank (6000) - George Fisher Baker

In 1983 point, the member banks holding shares Bank of New York city some 27 lines.
Among these, when a total of 10 rows of holding below 66% of the issued shares, extends to 7.0057 million shares.

Bankers Trust (438 831)
Bank of New York (141 482)
Chase Manhattan (1011862)
Chemical Bank (544 962)
Citibank (1090813)
European-American Bank & Trust Company (127800)
J. Henry Schroder Bank & Trust Company (thirty-seven thousand four hundred and ninety-two)
Manufacturers Hanover Corporation (509852)
Morgan Guaranty Trust (655 443)
National Bank of North America (105,600)

The executives of the European-American Bank & Trust Company are people such as the following.

International gold company Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corporation. CEO of Milton · F · Rosenthal
Sullivan and Cromwell of Hamilton · F · Potter
Deutsche Bank F · H · Ulrich and Hans Ribekattsu of executive (Liebkutsch)
Midland Bank of of London executive EJHelmuth and Jack Rendorei
Societe Generale Roger Arrow (Alloo), Paul - Emmanuel Janssen, Maurice Loule (Laure)

The parent company European-American Bank Bahamas Ltd.

Member banks of 2012 currently here
Adirondack Trust Company
Banco Popular
The Bank of New York Mellon
Chemung Canal Trust Company
Depository Trust Company
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
Five Star Bank
Goldman Sachs Bank USA
Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company
Mizuho Corporate Bank
Northern Trust Company

City in Mendo~usa ...... Argentina Mendoza. It is located on the east side of the Andes.

1536 of the Age of Discovery, Pedrosa de Mendoza expedition captain, was built in Buenos Aires, which is the current capital as a fortress.
Mendoza state and city name, it would be one that named after his name. Fortress had been the purpose of development of the silver mine.

Japan Argentina Association "Italian-35.5%, Hispanic 28.5%, etc. European system of ethnic groups accounted for 97% of the whole."
Ravenna in the Italian city Ravenna Argentina there are many economic man with Ravenna last name (SNN site than "Linked in").
This Habsburg Spain from the fact it was a colony of.

Well, "19-century liberals invited a lot of Anglo-Saxon immigrants Argentina seems to have wanted to non-Latin of the "
So in 1823 the State of the Union speech are called Monroe declared was conducted in the United States Congress. We have the following claims in it.
"Now, it can interfere against the former Spanish territory there is for the independent movement, regarded as a threat to American peace"

The following year, Argentina to request a loan of one million pounds in the UK bearing Brothers Bank.
Bearing house and also to meet the request, that the beginning of two years of amortization others did not deposit only about half of the loan amount is subtracted in advance.

This bearing family was-laws of the relationship and the Rothschilds.
South American hegemony that were once holding of Habsburg is the Yuku lost to Rothschild through the 19th century.

It should be noted, LTCM at the time of bankruptcy Roberto Mendoza person that had served as a JP Morgan vice chairman.

Revel Stoke Mountains and Hawick ...... 1885, banker Edward Baring knighthood Baron Revelstoke made ​​for

The Baring, it is that of the previous bearing house. Place called British Columbia, Canada of Revel Stoke is one that is named after this knighthood. 5km north has a dam lake of the same name, it has to supply water to Washington.
John took over the Edward of the ruins of the Bank of Japan Governor Jun'nosuke Inoue, there was a friendship (of Junnosuke Inoue journal addendum "Kiyoshi蹊Ochi ear" p164).

Knighthood of bearing house have other Baron "Howick" of Glendale. England of place names has become the knighthood of the original Glendale
The place called Glendale many seen in the United States, some several places in Canada. And there is even one in Zimbabwe, why would this.
Wikipedia: Evelyn Baring, 1st Baron Howick of Glendale (29 September 1903 - 10 March 1973)
It WAS Governor of Southern Rhodesia from 1942 to 1944 and Governor of Kenya from 1952 to 1959.

The current bearing, BB while transplanting cells to ING BAM and has been active mainly in.

Owen ...... Owen D. Young (October 27, 1874 - July 11, 1962)

John Pierpont Morgan in addition to the John met the person of Junnosuke Inoue and friendship (April 17, 1837 - March 31, 1913) was Moi.
Founder financial king of Morgan firm (both Morgan interests) JPMorgan established a General Electric (GE) in 1892.
1919, the GE has established the Radio Corporation of America (RCA). This is a company of wireless technology.

Owen D. Young was concurrently the chairman of GE and RCA. It has served to the Rockefeller Foundation director after (1928-1939).
In the world history for German compensation issue after the first World War Young Plan , known by summarizing. In 1929 of Mitsui Bank Seihin Ikeda we are meeting with.
As part of the Young Plan the Bank for International Settlements was established. In an attempt to maintain the capital adequacy ratio set here,
Financial community of Japan was busy trying to peel off the credit crunch and the allowance for the turn of the century. Even now BIS regulations have tightened the country's economy as a vise.

Root Ford ...... Ruth Ford (1911-2009) WAS an American model and Stage and film actress.

In May 2010 it was reported, originally in The Wall Street Journal, that Ford's estate had been worth $ 8.4 million, almost all of it in the value of two apartments she owned in the famous apartment building The Dakota in Manhattan, where she died at the age of 98 in 2009.

Ende ...... German children's author Michael Ende (1929-1995)

1979 - Die unendliche Geschichte: Von A bis Z (Japanese translation: "never-ending story") completed.

Roughly If you examine the Gaia Cancer with our Japanese dictionaries it can be seen that it is used in the name of women. This exception what is Ende of the.
Not only to End = Last Boss or with it I think Ya passing point of where you say in English, because it is clogging "Die unendliche Geschichte".

When trying to Tadoro the family of clan, and that women have a hard time because there is little literature that appeared.
Although there is no name of Gaia Cancer in genealogy that has been placed in the part that I wrote about El, Rothschild is not all clan.
In general, the clan through the women, is intended to expand on a global scale cancer cell basis, it is intended to follow-up does not end.

that is " Genealogy of nuclear "versa.

Another El ...... R = Radiation

West German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau and marks the "R" in 1987/3/6 ear of live cattle of Japanese translation "farm, you have to mark the exposure to cattle. stands for" R "is" Radiation ".
People working in farms for handling dusty hay that has been contaminated with a large amount of cesium, pregnant women and children not to touch absolutely hay, a warning is issued that "

Leona ...... Leona Woods (1919-1986) , later known as Leona Woods Marshall and Leona Woods Marshall Libby

An American physicist who helped build the first nuclear reactor and the first atomic bomb.
She worked with her ​​Mentor Enrico Fermi on the Manhattan Project . Note: nuclear reactor nuclear reactor

Asked many years later about how she felt about her involvement in the Manhattan Project, she said:
"I have no regrets. I think we did right, and we could not have done it differently."

In 1966 she divorced Marshall and married Nobel laureate Willard Libby.
The point that is remarried to and expands connection with caution. Note: laureate winner

In addition, the British Prime Minister Churchill that appeared in the Manhattan Project Rothschild and laws relationship is.

Joshua ...... JOSHUA - A Nuclear Reactor Design and Analysis Computational System

JOSHUA is a computational system developed to perform the extensive engineering and physics calculations needed in the design and analysis of Savannah River Site (SRS) nuclear reactors (Honek 1975).

SRS IS a nuclear reservation in the United States in the State of South Carolina, Located on land in Aiken, Allendale and Barnwell Counties Adjacent to the Savannah River, 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Augusta, Georgia.

Kane ...... Gordon L. Kane IS an internationally Recognized Scientific leader in Physics.

And he has served as a professor of the University of Michigan from 1965. One who led the Snowmass Working Group.
Group had aimed at construction of the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) in the 1980s, planned cyan was passed by the Clinton administration.
Instead of SSC Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has started operation from 2008. The LHC We have received support from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).
LHC and CERN is, in Switzerland, France area described in Envy first draft. It should be noted that the shape of the FESC the LHC is made to the original.

Kane Guggenheim visiting researcher of (fellow) also serve. Guggenheim conglomerates Louis Frank Rothschild (1869-1957) is in the laws related to.

Robin secret factory ...... it has been established as a manufacturing base of nuclear weapons in the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge

Manhattan Project was separated into the following two institutions after the war AEC Atomic Energy Commission. US Department of Energy and the NRC is.

Envy (second draft) ... Las Vegas is in the vicinity of the facility that bears the Envy has a large number located.

The "Kusamachi" northern Nevada nuclear test site , and the sheriff of Harry Operation Upshot-Knothole nuclear bomb Harry that was used in the (Harry).
Since the amount to showering the "fallout" was particularly many, it was called Dirty Harry. John Wayne and many other cancers have been suspected as the result of exposure.

Vamoose village ...... white wine Vermouth

The name is derived from the German wermut (wormwood). Chernobyl in closely related species of this wormwood ( the same name of the region native to).

Juvenile ...... Mobile Suit Gundam "as the robot thing is the first juvenile animation"

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED from the scenario.
"Laying neutron jammer to suppress nuclear fission (NJ) in the whole area leading to plant the air region from the earth sphere. However, not only nuclear weapons, on the earth by that it is now impossible even nuclear power will fall into a severe energy shortage, hunger hundreds of millions of the dead came out by or disaster. "

Sunrise → Osamu Tezuka Production → Astro Boy → Nakasone Yasuhiro

Prometheus Flame ...... Prometheus plan

It plans to use a small nuclear reactor as the main power source. Mercury freeze and Atlas burst Mercury plan from.

Valkyrie ...... XB-70 Valkyrie , a Large six-engined Aircraft able to Fly Mach 3+

Nuclear-bombing B-70 machine production model that has been proposed in the United States Air Force headquarters. North American-made.
Nosuamerin has been merged with Rockwell Corp. wrote in the Catskills in 1967, the North American division in 1996 Boeing was sold to.

Another point from Harrier of the body creating list because Rockwell came out. So-called jump jets Harrier series.
Right of naval aircraft is one of them. AV-8B Harrier II, a single-engine ground-attack aircraft
McDonnell made Douglas. It is likely to be associated with the name of Morgan, but there is no plan to rewrite the Douglas section.
McDonnell Douglas Corp. was also sold to the 1997 Boeing as Rockwell.

"Father" ...... world Christianity unified Holy Spirit Association (Unification Church) followers of the guru Myung (1920-2012) say "your father" when calling.

So-called joint wedding ceremony is a ritual that only the person who has received a sentence clear of pedigree will be able to give birth to a child of the Immaculate.
Unification Church, unique to Japan, such as symbolized in this joint wedding abstinence-only sex education have deployed.

Meng Takano "Tobakuchi of death", " M funds - unknown underground financial world "Nikkeishinbun-sha 1980/3/6" Tobakuchi "p.194" Toba Inlet "p.209

Black Hall from p.10. A symbol of black money and the black journalism.

AKA The whole game speaks of conspiracies played in a unique narrative fashion

Also Darmstadt is a Reference to Darmstadtium (Element 110 on the Periodic Table: Highly Radioactive)

Seraphic Blue (English)

I happened to realize something...

I always thought ATKWT was the sole determining factor for more turns, man was I wrong this whole time. Agility was the key factor.

I guess it can be summed up with this Image:

We all know Lansard is abysmally slow, I always thought slapping on Attack Accelerators and the Gear of Infinite Cycles would relegate the problem.

Demon Legacy

Okay I got past Harbinger by starting over from the beginning and not leveling that much, but I have to ask, how do I beat Proteus? How many hitpoints does the guy have? After I beat the avatar I fought him for many rounds and destroyed his barrier things until he used "relinquish barrier", then I hit him some more, he summoned Odin, I beat Odin, then I fought him for over 100 rounds, and at the point where I had used all 99 of the eldritch elixirs I started with, I figured it was meant to be one of those boss battles you were supposed to lose so I let him kill me but I got a game over.

You must be talking about Loki, wait until dialogue pops up before depleting his HP to 0.

Seraphic Blue (English)

In the walkthrough so far, I finished Episode 30. Been a bit slow due to some issues IRL. I am doing a 2nd playthrough which is giving me a first hand experience.

Regarding Episode 30:
If there is one thing in RPGs I despise, it's when people put in a BS mechanic that makes things much more difficult than intended, I understand why you get affected by an outside object randomly in battle given when the episode takes place and it's setting, but I still think it's BS all the same.

Anyway, I am doing what I can regarding giving the people an idea of what attacks enemies use. If they use it the first time in the guide, I also added a description of what it does.

Seraphic Blue (English)

Current Status:

Walkthrough is coming along solid, I got most of the sphere's covered (Ability, Tactical, and Invest have been completed). As I said before I intend to minimalize spoilers, if Eplipswitch wants to edit it, when I am finished, I will pass it to him and see if he wants to make any additions before the final version is released I didn't add the little thing on the upper right corner about the type of item in the item descriptions, as they are already separated by type on the Walkthrough

I am including strategies about how to tackle the bosses if you are stuck.

I really don't know if I can make a Bestiary for the Walkthrough as I may not have the time nor patience, but if one wants to tackle that, I am more than willing to let them try.

What perplexes me though is how the hell do you get the Reviver in Mendoza on your first visit, I couldn't even figure out how to get to it. (If I knew it was there, and how to get it, I would have had an easier time on Carnivore in my first playthrough.)

Seraphic Blue (English)

I accidently sold doris's robe is there anything i can do to replace it in that building i need one more slot for concentration spehere but i've filled up the rest sighs i replaced the academy robe with a gold robe not thinking then sold the academy robe if the academy robe was the only best item for her in the game you should of made that slot unchangeable or atless provide information on the item name that its the only best armor piece for her at that this time ?

There are far better robes than what she has at the start. The Crystal Robe you get later on has the same slot amount as the Academy Robe. (Episode 31). There are also other robes which are found in a late game dungeon and is a drop later on from a late game enemy. In fact, The best gear in the game can be gotten from enemies in the last areas.

Also when you look at the character's stats before you equip, you can see the changes. Never mess with SPC amount unless you get gear with higher ones; it's a far more important stat.

Seraphic Blue (English)

Currently in the process of writing a walkthrough, I'm trying to keep it as non-spoiler as possible. (Which means replaying the game.) I will be using LunaticScreamer's video guide for reference if I forget things. So far I am on Episode 5 in regards to writing it. (I've also been covering other things in the guide. The Basic guide which was recently added was specifically intended for the walkthrough as part of the "Tutorials" section. It's the 1st tutorial in the walkthrough. The rest are: Ability (Curative, Attack, Support and Personal), Equipment (Weapons/Frames/Spheres), and Stats.

Replaying because I am also tracking the Song locations of when they play in game for people to reference in the future. That may be the only part that will spoil some things for people.

I also did a semi guide how to get the Shards from Alter AILA Genesis too.

Seraphic Blue (English)

Here's a little interesting Tidbit for anyone who is interested: The names of the characters and locations are heavily inspired by real life locations and historical figures. Eplipswitch may know this already or not though...


Run this page through Google translate. Some of this stuff is rather surprising to say in the least.

One such fact is that Ende is named after Michael Ende. A Famous German children's books and fantasy author. (Hence why Ende in this game is literally a child, a play on the Author's name and his profession.) Ende also wrote the Neverending Story, which in German also has the word Ende in it which may also explain why Ende is a child.

Out of curiosity, is the battle against Aisia available in this version game? Or it is only available in the newer Altered version only?

It's only in the Altered version. Altered version also allows you to refight bosses and has a new interface which is easier to navigate.

can someone help me i find this battle system very complex to me so some help on how to manage it and keep myself alive while being able to attack enemies because i have to spam heal alot because of enemies

I may as well clarify here for you and others who are confused:

When combat is initiated, the character names of your active party will be at the bottom. The Time Gauge will be above the character names and enemies above the time Gauge. Above the Time Gauge are the FE Slots. The game uses a first person battle screen like Dragon Quest and other older RPGMaker games.

To select skills, press left or right when it's a character's turn. To use the variations of the skill, press down and up.

Normal Attack/Hard Attack
Defense/Hard Defense
Pass (Pressing Up and Down will let the player pass a characters turn by a certain length of time based on the ATKWT, at times this may be useful when planning in battle)
Enemy Data: See the enemies stats

*Note: ATKWT is known as Attack Waiting Time

Pressing shift will give a second options list: Which has the following:

ATKWT Check: See the ATKWT of all units
Escape: Attempt to escape battle
Battle Reference: Will list the battle interface and other information

Time Gauge:

Each unit gets a turn when the unit itself reaches the left hand of the gauge. Also, when a unit selects an action, a red icon will appear on the gauge indicating tentatively where the unit will end up in the gauge if the unit was to perform the action.

The enemies point on the time gauge is on the upper half and the numbers represent their locations from left to right on the screen. (Unit one of enemies will always be on the left side). Your units point on the time gauge is on the lower half and numbers represent their location in the bottom half of the screen. (Top most unit is considered unit 1)

A lower ATKWT stat means a higher priority to act in battle. Each skill and spell will move the user to a specific point indicated in red on the Time Gauge.

Field Elements: (FE)
Field Elements are a key battle mechanic in Seraphic Blue, most if not all higher level abilities require that an FE be applied in order to be used. FEs can be applied as a result of using lower level elemental magic and abilities.

Example: Use Watery to be able to access Life Rain

On the bottom right part of the battle screen, above the time gauge there are 5 spheres. When battle is initiated they will mostly be empty.

We will call them FE Slots 1-5 for reference. The far left being 1 and the far right being 5. The first 3 can be cancelled out by an opposing FE. The last 2 can only be cancelled through skills or magic that can dispel it. Example: If the FE in slot 1 is fire, using water will make it empty, using water again will make the FE Slot water based.

FE Slot 1: Fire/Water (Red/Blue)
FE Slot 2: Wind/Earth (Brown/Yellow)
FE Slot 3: Light/Dark (Yellow/Black)
FE Slot 4: Sky (White)
FE Slot 5: Break (Pink)

Buffs: (These are the last 4 slots in the HP/MP menu of the party in battle)

Boosts DEF.

Boosts MEN and MDF.

Boosts AGI.

Boosts ATK.

Ailments: (These are the 11 slots in the HP/MP menu of the party in battle)

A Dead party member, ie. HP = 0, cannot perform any actions in battle unless revived.

A stoned party member cannot perform any actions in battle unless Stone is removed

* Game is over if all allies are Dead and/or Stoned

A poisoned party member suffers damage equal to 20% of his/her max HP per turn

A diseased party member suffers damage equal to that of Poison status in addition to weakened ATK and DEF, and all positive status denied (All status buffs negated and member afflicted can't gain buffs)

A paralyzed party member cannot perform any actions in battle unless Paralyze is removed.

A party member inflicted with Slow travels slower in the Time Gauge. (Increased ATKWT)

A blind party member has HIT weakened in addition to all physical abilities disabled.

A Party member inflicted with Forget has MEN & MDF weakened and all mental abilities are disabled. Also suffers 5% damage of max TP per turn.

A confused party member has no control over his/her actions and randomly attacks an ally per turn. A physical attack on him/her removes this status.

A party member inflicted with Melancholy has ATK, DEF, MEN, AGI & AVD weakened, and all positive statuses denied. (All status buffs negated and member afflicted can't gain buffs)

Most of this is in the battle reference section. I just typed it down to save people the trouble of figuring something cryptic out.

Both buffs and ailments will be given specific letters and colors. Characters can get multiple ailments at once. (Example: Confuse and Disease could be applied due to the enemy you are facing having abilities that can inflict them) However the same goes for buffs. The player can apply buffs for each ability. (The buffs and ailments do not have a cumulative effect aside from Poison and Disease both being applied at once which means 40% max HP damage per turn is lost. This means that once applied, the ailments/buffs do not stack, they will not increase after application.)

Note: You can multi target enemies with offensive magic by pressing up after selecting the spells. The same goes for healing as well. You can heal multiple allies by pressing left/right after choosing healing magic.

You can alter the effect of healing items using the Up Substances. It will cost 2 Healing items to double the effect (D), and 4 to cover the whole party (A). It gets rather expensive to upgrade them though, but well worth it if in a pinch or going to fight a tough boss.

Another friendly reminder. Clanas and other certain items that can restore TP can be dropped by enemies, however the rates vary depending on the point in the story, however you should also be able to buy them around Ep 36:

Clanas are quite expensive, usually costs around 20K for just a regular one (40 TP). The Full Clana costs a whopping 1 Million Dear, also all Clanas sell for only 10 Dear.


Ep 1: 3.7%, Ep 13: 22%, Ep 23: 0.5%, Ep 31: 0.5%, Ep 36: 0%

Great Clana:

Ep 1: 1%, Ep 13: 1.9%, Ep 23: 25%, Ep31: 1.7%, Ep 36: 1.2%

Ex Clana:

Ep 1: 0%, Ep 13: 0.5%, Ep 23: 1.2%, Ep31: 1.6%, Ep 36: 22%

Full Clana:

Ep 1: 0%, Ep 13: 0%, Ep 23: 0.2%, Ep31: 0.3%, Ep 36: 0.4%

God's Half Elixir:

Ep 1: 0.2%, Ep 13: 0.3%, Ep 23: 0.4%, Ep31: 0.5%, Ep 36: 0.6%

God's Elixir:

Ep 1: 0.1%, Ep 13: 0.1%, Ep 23: 0.2%, Ep31: 0.3%, Ep 36: 0.4%

Maria's Will:

Ep 1: 0%, Ep 13: 0%, Ep 23: 0%, Ep31: 0.1%, Ep 36: 0.2%

Phantom Legacy (Redux)

Majority of the tracks used do not have IDs or sources of where they are from when played in a Media Player:

I was able to compile a list of the track names and the source they are from:


Many are blank, but I was able to nail down some of the track titles that were.
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