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Bug Reports

When I click the game icon it shows this message:

Script 'inputEX' line 703: RuntimeError occurred.

LoadLibrary ximput1_3

How can I solve this problem?


Just download and install this~

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Sorry for late responses, I built a new PC and got logged out here and stopped getting notifications! For the patch issue, you should just need to extract it the way it's set up yep!

As for Karina's legs, I believe Ashiee tried to fix that at one point and it caused some weird problem with the sprite? I'll have to ask her about it.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Oh yep, what ending you get doesn't affect your ability to do the bonus dungeon after the credits.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Btw replayed it and cassie's fate is still the same while in this ending ironbug joins in right at the end.
Then you are still missing something...
You can correct my guide, the female firefly is glad if someone checks that.
When I play, you must know I try to get as much done before progressing the main story.
It shouldn't be so much I have missed, but I had the better ending - so it is possible. Perhaps you missed one of the Inn Cutscenes...
I rechecked everything in my old save and in that save I have all the characters sidequest weapons and I went to all the inns in the same order given and I got no scenes because I already had them before.

So what is the ending good ending like then?

If you can send me your save I can load it up and see what you're missing and if need be, fix it.

If you just want to know what happens though:
The ending is the same up until the point where Cassie says she's going to hold the portal open. At the last minute, Karina decides that she's not going to leave Cassie behind and shoves her through the portal. After that, Bobe's voice is heard through the Illumina, and he says that because of everyone's actions Illumina has enough power to hold open the portal. Karina says thank you and escapes. The rest of the ending is pretty much the same, except Cassie is there and Karina expresses her feelings. Cassie then has a few lines with the others when everyone's talking, and at the very end when Karina says "Together!" she turns to Cassie and hearts appear over them.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

How was it not working?
I have aeth in the party and the lead and when I approach ironbug nothing really happens btw I looked up in my journal I have a quest that says I have to find a suitable gift to help break the ice could that be something relating to that?

Oh, yep! That item is in the Fire Shrine. Once you get that you should be able to proceed with the quest. Doing all of Aeth's quests also has a small change for the ending as well!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

How was it not working?

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Thank you! People who play this are so blessed that the developers are so responsive on the forums.

I went back to those areas and picked up the loot/secret passageways I missed before! Just starting the Aquaria region and loving all the things I can do! I figured out you can sell the elixirs and dry ethers you pick up for huge chunks of gold, and bid on those powerful weapons at the auction house for 7500 gold a pop. They are miles better than anything my party has or will find in dungeons for a while (muahahaha).

I had so much trouble beating Kaayu the first time around (had to grind it up to level 13 I believe, even though I unlocked her at level 10 ish), but I think my shiny weapons from the auction might carry me for round 2.

I'm updating Firefly's guide as I go, because I found that he missed a couple items here and there, and there are some good information I think could be supplemented into his guide. Hopefully with his and your permission, we can upload a more comprehensive guide.

Hey! Sorry, I missed this message! I'm really glad you're enjoying the game! Yep, those potions have high values on purpose for exactly that reason. =)

Grats on winning that fight! It's made to be a bit tough on purpose, since plotwise the party is supposed to lose the fight. But on the same token, I hate unwinnable battles so Ash and I decided to give you a real nice item and just make fun of another trope, the cutscene magic, if you win. The 2nd round should be a lot easier, yeah!

As long as Firefly is ok with updating the guide, I am too! Thanks for doing it!

This game is so well made thanks for making it.

Thanks for the kind words!

I wanted to ask hwo do you know if you get the good ending with cassie according to the walkthrough there is a good ending?

In order to get that ending, you have to do a few things. First of all, you have to see scenes in 3 Inns. The Inns are in Cecille, Enaya, and Kutan, in that order. Then, you need to have done all of the character sidequests. The fortuneteller in Emerald can give you hints for those. After you've done those things, the last couple of scenes of the ending will change a bit. =)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Just started the game (having never played FF series before) and after adjusting to the humor and game mechanics, I'm loving it so far! So in firefly's walkthrough, I notice that he has a couple items per area colored Purple. I assume they are difficult to find items, but I have tried interacting with everything and looking at every corner, but still could not find any of the purple items.

For example:
Barrier ring in Cecile Waterways. I do see an inaccessible chest when I walked through the dungeon, but I couldn't find any way of getting to it. Is that something that will be unlocked later in the game, or did i simply not explore every possibility?

A few items are hidden through secret passages. This is something that FF games have frequently done in the past. Basically, if you see an inaccessible chest, try pressing against walls looking for a hidden passage. :)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

how do you make map like that

Like what? Do you mean a specific map, or the world map that appears when you press tab?

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Can we see skills description during the battle (sorry if this question has been asked)? I can't see any description during the battle and it makes it very tricky, thanks

Just press Spacebar, or X on controller while in the skill menu.