Final Fantasy: Legend of...
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.



Let's Play Legend of Balance Parts 1-5

Thank you so much for LPing our game! I am sure Ashiee and I will be following along! =)

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny Trailer 1

I definitely see a few differences in the plot. I can think of a lot of different places you could be going with it! I am looking forward to seeing how you mix things up besides just having different party members.

Legend of Balance: Alternate Ending

There is a point during the scene in there where Karina questions if they should just allow Yoshida to take the crystal's power. There's a brief pause between dialogue boxes, and you need to press UP at that point. However, Ashiee says that the trigger does not seem to be working properly right now, so you might want to test. I intend to make it a bit easier in the next version, but this is definitely an easter egg. =)

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny Intro + First Battles

Looks nice, you did a good job with a lot of the out of combat animations. Have you considered a mode 7 script to make the airship sequences look a bit closer to the game? Also, I've noticed that you are using FF4 PSP tiles for all of the areas, but it seems like not for the world map. Was this a deliberate choice?

As for the combat, your character sprites are very unique! Interesting choice to give Cecil a skillset rather than just Dark Wave. I think the only thing off I noticed was the abruptness of the attack animations. I think it's because your standard attack has no stepping forward or back, and you don't have damage set to wait for animation on your spells.

Otherwise, looking good so far! You did an excellent job recreating the scenes.

Final Fantasy Discovery Boss Battle Test: Jaharan Giant

It's all nice and good, but that font used in name display for dialogue is not a good choice IMO; it's a bit too futuristic and too bold I think. Something more simplistic in design would be better.

It looks like the FF13 font that he is using for a lot of his menu text. It just looks a bit awkward in the context of the battle HUD and UI elements without having seen it in other places first I think. I'm sure when every dialogue box in the game looks like that it won't look so jarring in battle.

Fight looks cool though! I like the shield mechanic and crisis mode. It's nice that you announce it like that to allow for more strategy, in my game some bosses will just suddenly go into pissy boss mode when you get their HP low without warning, haha.
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