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Straw Poll Regarding World Map Performance

So I had a look at the scripts. I checked for any errant undisposed objects or cache issues that could be causing slowdown and didn't find any. I also looked for any scripts that might be calling updates more than they needed to, and didn't find anything there either. So that means the problem with the world map is probably purely size and number of events.

So with that in mind, I went in and reconfigured the anti-lag script a bit and fixed a few things like that infinite looping mini-map popup that Housekeeping found. I can't really test the effect because my CPU is pretty high end, but I think lag should be reduced quite a bit now. I didn't notice anything misbehaving, but I'm not very far in the game so others will probably have to give their input. If people still lag, you might still have room to get a bit more aggressive with anti-lag, but I am worried that too much more might cause stuff to start breaking.

Here's the updated Scripts file:

Straw Poll Regarding World Map Performance

3.5Ghz here and runs as smooth as butter for me. What I'm curious about is that the first commenter said that their world map is running fine so far on 2.4Ghz, yet Punk_Kricket is running at 2.20Ghz and it's very laggy for them. I wonder if a difference in whether a computer has AMD or Intel might be at work here? Or if a machine needs to have at least a quad-core processor to have no lag? Just throwing out some suggestions, because a difference of .4Ghz doesn't seem like a whole hell of a lot.

To get a good idea of the cutoff for map lag, you'd probably need to ask people exactly what CPU they have. Just as an example, a person with a 2.4ghz CPU could be using a laptop made within the past few years with an i5, and a 2.2ghz person could be rocking a 14 year old Pentium 4. Obviously there's gonna be a huge difference in the performance of CPUs made 10 years apart. Number of cores doesn't matter too much for RM as it only really uses 1 thread anyway.

I have found in my own experience that a lot of people who play RM games are using very old computers. Not everyone of course, but I've had a lot of people who messaged me or posted on my game's page about it running poorly, and the problem was ultimately that they were using PCs from the early to mid 2000s that could run simple games well, but start having problems with games with a lot of events, complex battle systems, and so on. I tried my best to reduce lag and streamline stuff but there's only so much you can do without starting to strip the game of features. This isn't a slam against people with old computers, if you can't afford a newer PC you gotta make due with what you have. Just sucks to have people who want to play but just flat out can't run your game well no matter what you do. =(

All that said, it sounds like UPRC has a handle on things, but I'd be happy to take a look and see if I could help out any as well (I was about to suggest Theo's Anti-lag, it's great, but it looks like it's going to be coming in the next version).

As for myself, I haven't played too much yet but everything's smooth for me on both my main and secondary PCs. My main is an overclocked 8700k so of course it's gonna run well, but my secondary is an 8 year old Phenom II x4 @ 4ghz, and it runs great on that.

Let's break the silence. This game is almost finished.

Looking fantastic, can't wait to play it! I'm just glad I was able to help a little bit. =)

Big thanks!

Absolutely well deserved! Huge grats, and I'm looking forward to the full game. =)

As always, I'm here to help with anything you need!

5000 Download Special?

I can try remaking Final Fantasy XIII's final boss sprite in the larger size, but maybe someone else have it or is working on it.

Like, remake it from scratch? That sounds like a whole lot of work. I don't want to ask you to do that, so hopefully someone has something suitable.

5000 Download Special?

I'd be more than happy to send you the hi-res final boss sprites I'm using for FF 7 - FF 10, since my bonus dungeon goes up to FF X (but not beyond that). And I did vote for Legend of Balance in a number of categories as well, it's just an awesome game! :=)

Hey, thanks so much for the offer on the sprites! Feel free to send them to me or Ashiee in a PM. =)

Thanks for the votes! I've checked out the other nominees and there's seriously some great and very creative games in the running (the DQ fan in me is partial to Brave Hero Yuusha). It would be a very unexpected honor for LoB to win any of the categories.

Cid Margrace, Animal Lover

Moghan, and have them toss out a line from the FF6 opera at some point.

Final Fantasy: Chaos Demo

I think all you really need to do to fix some of the maps like the castle and perhaps the towns (though those aren't hard to navigate, really), is shrink the size of each individual map, and then combine them into a smaller number of maps. The castle especially feels disjointed because every hallway seems to have its own map, and they all look similar, so it's really easy to get lost.

I'd also suggest maybe putting a sparkle or something on the book Lucius is supposed to look at in the Library (or perhaps a NPC who says "I saw an interesting history book on a desk in the back. You might be interested, Young Master."), and for other points maybe have him be a little clearer about where he's headed, and give the entrances to his destinations a distinct look. Even just a guard or NPC in the hall outside who states "This is the Library", or something would be helpful. It might also be a good idea to have the various maids scattered around mention where in the castle you are. It comes off as hand-holdy, I know, but that's not a bad thing at the start of the game.

I was able to get through it fine, but from personal experience making a game, I find that players are a lot happier when they are given explicit instructions on where they need to go with detailed directions on how to get there, and who exactly they need to talk to next. The side stuff is what should take poking around/talking to every npc/etc.

Anyway, sorry if this came off as preachy or anything! Just offering an opinion/suggestions.

As for your other question earlier, my game uses Tankentai, so I don't know anything about Victor's sideview or the Yanfly state script, so I can't really help you there, sorry (though I think Victor made his own state animation script?). :/

Final Fantasy: Chaos Demo

Hey! I played through the demo and figured I'd give a few thoughts.

-Story seems solid so far. I agree with Noel that "angels and demons" isn't FF-esque in and of itself, but the series has plenty of extradimensional/multiple world stuff so I am interested to see where you go with it. The intro didn't really bother me, as while there wasn't any immediate action, things got moving quickly enough. I think it's fine that Lucius knows he's a demon, but I'm not sure if having the fact that he has some other special power being revealed to the player so soon will take away from things later. Way too early to tell where you're going with things. =)

-Characters are good. Lucius is a dick and not especially likable, but I imagine you're going to be developing his character, so I'm sure it's intended. I like Kura and Claire, they give off a definite Palom/Porom vibe. Veillia isn't really around long enough to say much about her character.

-Battle system is very well done! Besides a few graphical errors everything seems fairly solid. I'll go into detail about those later. I absolutely LOVE your battler sprites and status animations! I can tell a huge amount of work went into those.

-Game balance is... weird. I think you should put a free healing spot at the entrance to the sewers as well, because enemies quickly drain your HP, and it is very, very possible for the player to get stuck in a situation where they have exhausted their supplies and are literally stuck and unable to continue. I'd also be a little generous and scatter around a few more potions in the castle/sewer since it's not like the player can retreat from the sewers and head back to town. After you get Claire, things balance out and are mostly fine, with a couple of exceptions. First, the turtle outside the second town. Carapace crits every time and can wipe out your party faster than you can heal. Second, I think the bosses might be just a bit off.

The Phantom Saber was fine, it just had perhaps a bit too much HP (only way to kill at a decent pace is to bring Lucius to critical HP and spam Minus Strike, the elemental shifting it did seemed to not give it a weakness and you can't spam Libra at that point to find what works, unless I missed a weapon). The Crystal Host might be a bit overtuned for such an early game boss. If you don't catch on immediately and get Barshade/Barlight up and keep them up 100%, he'll slaughter you unless you've grinded a bit. He also has a boatload of HP, and you're given a caster but the boss just spams reflect so you can't even try any of her spells out really.

All of this was on the default difficulty. I'd say make default a bit easier, and make the current difficulty a step up from that.

-I kept getting a crash outside the second town, in "Changing Battlebacks", line 68. Looked like an empty hash problem, you probably just need to add a line that loads the default hash again if the current is nil, I had that same problem.

-I'd say some of the areas might be just a bit too large for the early game, but I didn't really have any problems navigating or anything.

-There's some spelling and grammar issues, but nothing terrible or unreadable.

-There seems to be a slight ATB issue. After taking an action, the ATB bars remain empty for a time before starting to refill. I assume it's probably a display problem with the gauges, or you have actions taking more than max ATB. In any event, it's not game breaking but it makes it hard to get a feel for the speed of your characters.

-A cursor appears in the enemy window when selecting a target. If you created this window the way I think, you just need to go into that class and set cursor.visible to false, that should fix it. Also, I'd have an update be forced whenever an enemy dies, as their name often takes a while to vanish from the window.

-It was mentioned before but sometimes characters don't change poses when a status ailment is removed, or they enter battle with ailments that had been cured. I don't know what sideview system you are using, so I'm not sure what to suggest.

-I'd suggest having some way to tell what status ailments are on your party and the enemy besides looking at the sprites, as you can have more ailments than are displayed. I understand why you removed the icons from the status window, I did the same thing because it is not something classic FFs did. If you are using Victor's target arrow, there should be an option to have a targeting window pop up that will show what statuses are on the target. FF4 DS and others have used this, so it's not totally inauthentic. You could also create a window that displays the statuses on the party when targeting a spell like the classic FFs did, but this takes a bit of scripting know-how.

That's about all I can think of for now! Looking forward to seeing more, I think you're off to a real great start! =)

Cat Nip, Gold Saucer, The Echo

I like the idea of the Cactpots from FF14! I am wondering though how tying them to intervals of time like that rather than something like steps/number of map transfers/number of battles/etc is going to go. Someone who plays the game like a fiend might only get to do one or two Jumbos before they're finished with the game (I know unless it's 100+ hours long I'll probably play through it in that timespan!). Unless of course there are secret ways in the game to get an extra ticket here and there. As for the minis, I bet a lot of people will just leave the game running a lot so they get more chances.

Please don't take this as criticism because I think the cactpots are a really cool and fun feature, just interested on how that will all work.

As for Minfillia, besides the echo, do her special abilities include other things authentic to her in FF14 such as getting kidnapped, sending you on endless amounts of fetch quests, and sitting around while the rest of the party does all the work? >_>
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