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A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.



Bug Reports

Hi, I just discovered this absolute gem of a game and I love it! I have ran into a fairly major bug about 4-5 times (I'm probably 75% through the game). There's also a second very minor issue I saw with items that may or may not be intentional but it would be nice to see it fixed.

Bug #1: when I (regular) attack in battle sometimes my character will go into a loop where he keeps stepping forward and attacking until they scroll off the screen on the left. No matter how much damage is done the monster never dies and I have to kill the game to stop it. I haven't found any correlation with what enemy/character/weapon or anything else except MAYBE the Genji gloves being used. The first couple of times I wasn't paying much attention so it may have happened without using the Genji gloves.

Bug #2: The Genji gloves cannot be used at all with Brigand's glove. I'm guessing you don't want a double steal attempt but is there no way to make it work but only attempt to steal once? If not, why not make the two gloves mutually exclusive like you do with Genji Gloves and Gauntlet?

Thanks again for this amazing game, I have loved every second of the story and it makes me wish I had played FFXI/FFXIV with you guys!

Thank you for the kind words! I'm happy to hear you're liking the game and sorry you're having issues!

#1: That should not be happening... you should have the latest version of the game if you just found it recently. I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing that bug and almost everyone uses the Genji Glove, so I'll need to ask a couple of questions. You said it does it regardless of character/weapon, so you've tested different weapons in both hands? Have you tried with no other relics equipped? This is oddly specific but in the battles where the bug happened, did you use any Summons or multi-hit attacks (like Karina's Heaven's Gate, Ashiee's Raging Rush, Elysia's Quick Nock, etc) prior to the bug happening? If you are using Elysia Quick Nock has caused a few problems before. Just trying to figure out what could be happening since I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing this issue.

#2: This is actually an issue with the engine rather than an intentional choice. Usually in rpgmaker, Dual Wield works by just adding together the attack power of each weapon and making 2 equal attacks. In order to make dual wielding function like it does in Final Fantasy (where each weapon makes an attack on its own and retains all its special properties), I had to do some trickery with scripting involving multiple different attacks in one action and attack substitution. Unfortunately, that same trickery with attack substitution is what was used to make the Brigand's Glove function. Because of that, the two can't stack. I tried but it caused numerous issues and would break one or both items. :/

And thank you again! Most people who play this aren't actually FFXI/FFXIV players oddly enough, so it's nice to hear from someone who is and gets all of the references and stuff!

Bug Reports

When I click the game icon it shows this message:

Script 'inputEX' line 703: RuntimeError occurred.

LoadLibrary ximput1_3

How can I solve this problem?


Just download and install this~

Bug Reports

It only seems to happen with Level 99 when it's his turn and you use that turn to switch. I've tested it on a couple of other people and it never happened. It almost seems like it's using some of his AGI to determine where the bar starts for the next person.

Also, I have quite the bug with the town you build. After the past, I was able to get the mysterious woman from phase 3 during phase 2. I know that's not intended as the FAQ says she appears in phase 3 after the past, but it seems you can get her any time during phase 2 as long as you have been to the past. I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned this earlier because 10 pages of reports is quite a bit and I'm still trying to break the game any way I can so you can get a massive fix all at once.

P.S. This is the best game on this site in my view. I really want it to work flawlessly.

That's a bit weird, I took a look and I have no idea why it is doing that with him specifically. He does have Godspeed Strike which takes less atb when used but I don't see how that could be connected. The code all looks right.

The town issue was just a matter of checking the wrong switch, if you get her in phase 2 she fails to appear in the town? Or does it advance the town to the next phase?

And thank you for the kind words!

There's a part of dialogue in Kutan that seems to be backwards. When you first talk to Allie. part of the 'What do I care about them? What I do is nothing compared to them.' and I think it's meant to be 'What do I care about them? What THEY do is nothing compared to ME'.

The Spiked Buckler sold in that village Has the description 'A buckler that improves offensive ability' and it does say that it does in shops. It doesn't actually do anything to Strength or Attack when equipped. I've equipped it to everyone just to see if that was character specific and it's a problem with the shield itself.

The walkthrough says this: 'Talk enough times to Bastok to trigger an event (You need to have recruited Flame). You get an Anti-Hyperion.' I've done that for the better part of 10 minutes with Flame in the lead and I get nothing. If that's not broken, I'd love to know how long to do that for.

My saves are currently stuck on the bridge of Squeenix Castle in the present, on the world map. If you save on it and load from that save, you're stuck. You can't move in to the castle and you can't move South on to grass.

EDIT (More Stuff, One Game Breaking)
Some items that are weaker are considered stronger than a stronger item when Optimize used.

The shields with bucklers of the same name do this even though the buckler versions are about 2-3 Defense less and provide no other benefits that I can see.

The Brave Blade is considered worse than many lesser weapons when it is powered up above their Attack. I would assume the Chicken Knife would do the same.

The Result at the Colosseum says 'You defeated (Item)'. If I fight for Excalibur II the Result says 'You defeated Excalibur II'. I think that's worded incorrectly. It sounds like I fought Excalibur II and killed it.

It's possible to get your black chocobo stuck in the Frozen Whisper Forest on the world map. If you land it on the left side of the entrance and enter, it becomes impossible to get to where you landed.

The line is correct, what she's saying is that she considers her crimes petty in comparison to what happens in the rest of the world.

That was an oversight, it's supposed to add a few strength I just apparently forgot to put that on the item, haha.

That is an error in the guide, you need to be a bit further on in the plot for that to happen, I'll need to put in some sort of indication for that if you try early.

I'll need to disable saving on that square, the problem there is that the bridge is a tile swap that runs immediately upon entering the world map if you have repaired it, and apparently rpgmaker doesn't update the passability if you are on the tile. If you're stuck there you can send me your save file and I can get you unstuck. Or if you have rpgmaker vx ace you can just load the game in test play mode and hold CTRL and it will ignore passability.

I spent some time trying to fix optimize and even got a script (and edited that) to attempt to fix it but it just doesn't want to work quite right and sometimes equips the wrong thing. I'll take another look but there might not be too much more I can do about this.

Brave Blade/Chicken Knife it certainly won't work with because the weapon has a variable attack and there's no way to make that take it into account. :/

I'll have a look at that, should be an easy fix!

That's something I've already fixed, looking at the world map. I just blocked the chocobo from landing there.

Bug Reports

I'm not sure this is a bug, but worth noting anyways. I'm going to test this with all characters.

When it's Level 99's turn and you swap him out for others, instead of the ATB resetting like normal on the swapped character, it will reset to about 3/4 full instead. I'm not sure if that's intended because you are swapping someone who's already ready to accept commands.

That's a new one, is it only with him specifically or does it happen with any character?

Bug Reports

I found a game crashing bug. If you let a party member start attacking and switch that member for another mid-attack, it will freeze the game. A pretty big bug, but easily worked around by waiting until after they attack.

Hmm, I'll have to take a look, I have a bunch of things I've fixed but haven't committed to a patch yet and I think this may have been one of them. Thanks for the report!


Blue Magic is just Yanfly's Blue magic script, I modified it a bit but mostly just to work better with my battle system. The Bushido abilities are really just spells with no MP cost and long charge times. You should be able to do that in any atb system that supports cast times.


I am looking forward to this next game. Where is the next step after Goldbug vanishes in Port Enaya for the phoenix sidequest. I accidently hit the key and missed what was spoken. After returning from the past, visit Goldbug in Port Enaya and complete the quest. Thanks.

Also, I submitted a few bugs I have noticed in the bug forum.

Head to Jipang for the next part of the quest~

And thanks, I saw them! I'll see what I can do, I have a bunch of cumulative fixes I have done that I just have to commit. Unfortunately the Wide Volley bug is some weird bug with the battle system that I have been unable to resolve. I really don't know what it is doing, in order to fix it I'd have to just have the skill hit once and do higher damage I think.


RydiaMist do you and the other developers plan on making another game? Unless I am mistaken this is your first and only? Also, how can I find out what version I have? I think I have an earlier version but I am unsure. Always appreciate the help and really great game.

Ashiee and I working on another FF fangame, yes! Progress has been a bit slow recently, but we do have most of the sprites done and have a fully functional Job system. I don't want to say too much, but it is basically a duplicate of the system found in FF Dimensions/Bravely Default which is of course just an expanded version of FF5's. Jobs gain their own levels(independent of character level), you learn abilities and commands which can then be mixed and matched on other jobs, and so on. We're hoping it'll be something people enjoy since the job system has always been very popular. =)

If you're unsure of what version you have you can always just get the latest and update your game. There's no real way to easily tell, sadly. ;;


I wanted to add this to a list of bugs. In the Hallway of Doom I have saved between two boulders the northern one is in the black space stopped and the south really fast one is spending most of the time in the black space and a little into the area I can actually walk in. I went and stepped on a spike and took me almost back to the beginning the first boulder is stopped far left hand of the screen and the same as the third. The second boulder goes into the right black area and a little into my area I can walk in.

Really great game. I haven't found the missing blue magic yet almost completed the list of what I could though.

Hmm, I will probably just disable saving in there, it was an oversight that it isn't. All that stuff is event based so I see why that would just break it completely.


I always appreciate your very quick responses with the loss of Patch Tower is there another place for gargoyles, chimeras or their blue magic Saline Coat and Blank Gaze? Thanks.

No problem, we try to respond as fast as we can! I am almost certain those spells are obtainable elsewhere but I couldn't tell you offhand exactly where. If you are unable to find them I'll have a look through the enemies and see.