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We could do that, but it would be a bit of an undertaking so we might not be able to get to it for a while. Every boss has a gimmick, but in general good strategies to practice are:

-Kill any adds that spawn or are with the boss.
-Attack carefully at first to test for counterattacks.
-Keep HP high.
-Use Protect/Shell if you have someone able to use them.
-Be on the lookout for new attacks as the boss' HP goes down.

Bug Reports

Well, I cleared the entire top floor of the catacombs with only Asuran Fists. I didn't get the slowdown/choppiness, but I DID notice that after maybe 10-20 battles, the fps started dropping after using the skill in battle. Memory usage stayed stable though, so I'm gonna have to investigate a bit. I suspect you ran into the same problem but with an older PC it was just very noticeable. Thanks for working with me and finding this, and I'm glad it resolved itself eventually.

Bug Reports

I'm still having a hard time replicating it, sadly. I'm gonna keep trying for a bit, and I will see if I can get the testers to try as well. I feel like there's something going a bit weird for some people. Noel_Kriess is experiencing a gradual buildup of slowdown too, so I'd definitely like to try and track it down. I am wondering if perhaps my PC is just beefy enough that I don't encounter some of these slowdown problems. Thanks for being so cool about all these bugs you're enountering. =)

Bug Reports

Hmm, still having trouble recreating the issue. Can you tell me the specific enemies you're fighting? I went into Gurgu Volcano with Genji Gloves and an Ice Claw equipped and was hitting weakness but I wasn't getting any noticable slowdown even after killing a few enemies. Does it persist after the battle is over?

Sorry to be a pain, I just want to try and get this tracked down for you!

Bug Reports

May I ask what OS you are using? I just did about 10 battles using nothing but Asuran Fists to kill monsters, and memory usage didn't go up and there was no slowdown. I'm going to keep trying though to see if I can replicate the problem.

Bug Reports

Thanks for the report! Is this the only skill that causes the problem? I'll have a look at it right now. Funny enough we were just talking about this issue on the main page, now I have something to go off of.

Bug Reports

Thanks for the report! That message comes up if your DirectX is out of date. The game uses Xinput to support a wider variety of gamepads that RPGMaker doesn't by default. You can update DirectX here:


If that's a problem, let me know and I can see about setting up a patch to remove Xinput.

Bug Reports

Thanks so much for the report, providing a save, and being patient while we fixed it! Airship bug is taken care of.