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Question, how does one get the Excalibur II? Is it related to game time, like in FF9? I'm guessing get to Gilgamesh within a time limit?

Nah, no time limit involved, you just need to have the regular Excalibur and bet it in the arena. Excalibur II is good but not quite as overpowered as in FF9, haha.


If this is not in your upcoming patch could you add it? Using the Exit spell from the menu it will be in white letters mp will be used but when you exit to go back to the map it will say 'Nothing happened'. If you use the spell two or three times it will say Nothing happened Nothing happened and Nothing happened Nothing happened Nothing happened. If the spell will exit you out of a dungeon could you grey it out? Thanks.

I wanted to add a couple of things. I was fighting Gertrude and he used belch on Karina and while Karina was sleeping she was standing up and laying back down repeatedly. Everyone else was sleeping on the ground. Another thing Cassie was casting a spell and was paralyzed yet the animation for her casting was still going instead of going to the paralyze animation.

The Exit spell problem is a script issue, but I'll have a look and see what I can do. A lot of typical Final Fantasy/RPG things that seem really simple are actually really hard to replicate in RPGMaker.

The second issue you mentioned is absolutely a script issue and is something that I have been trying to fix for a long time with only limited success. Unfortunately at this point I don't think there's much I can do about it because the engine simply doesn't keep up and everything lags when I try to force it to check more. I will try one other thing, but I think at this point the odd animation bug might just be inevitable with our battle system. After our next game, Ashiee and I will probably be moving on to MV, which hopefully should have less of these issues.


Here is a complete list of Doiden's Blue Magic:
Thanks, this is very helpful. You forgot two skills: Cocoon and death scissors. Cocoon you can get from larva in the mine where you recruit Cass, and death scissors are from deadly antlings outside of the Tower of Eternity. Not sure if any others are missing.
What missables are there in this game? I was looking at this and I missed a couple of bosses blue magic. Also, I am loving this game and I would have happily paid for this. Thanks for the time and effort and making this and hopefully if you guys are willing more games in the future.
Here is the link to my walkthrough. Rydia wanted to put the rewards for the minigame in, but I haven't heard from her.

I'm sorry! I could have sworn I put up the walkthrough link in the FAQ section but I didn't. I'll do that tonight.

As for the boss ones, those will be added to regular enemies. I am putting the finishing touches on a fairly big balancing patch to address some things I have seen in LPs of the game.

In Emerald in that library the white clothed guy behind the counter never responds to me. There is another NPC also in a town that never responds to me either but I have forgotten where they are located.

Probably just a case of me not setting a counter or event properly, I'll have a look. Regardless neither of them had anything important to say, haha. Besides those couple of blue magic spells nothing should be missable besides chests in Patch Tower (but there is nothing unique in them), we were really careful not to have permanent missables. And thank you so much for the kind words!

Bug Reports

Just got Flame to join and I've noticed some issues with her command setup. She has only 1 Dragon Art ability, 3 blue magic abilities, her magic doesn't include scholar spells (adlo, lustrate, etc), and lastly there is an option to have time magic or just magic (but magic includes the time spells, so selecting time is pointless).

I'll look into that. Some abilities that would overpower her are missing from skillsets, but some of those definitely sound like something is wrong. Also, for her to have an ability in her skillsets, the character who she is copying must know the ability. Did you recruit Azran, and have you gotten Doiden more spells? Asking because there may be an issue with Blue Magic if so.

EDIT: I found the problem and have fixed the issue with Flame not learning Dragon Art skills and having duplicate spells. Blue Magic should also be learned as Doiden learns it now. Unfortunately, this fix won't work with skills already learned in a save file. If you were planning to use these skills with Flame, I can edit your save file if you'd like to add them to her skill list.

Doing a replay and saw two issues:

1. Cross Helmet seems to guard against Silence instead of Blind, according to the Status screen.

2. Not sure if this is a bug or just a controller thing, but when you input a Blitz that requires the fact buttons, X and Y are reversed on the display. So for example when using Suplex, and pressing Y it shows as X. The input is still Y, X, Down, Up even though it shows as X, Y, Down, Up so it's not a big deal but...yeah.

1) This is due to a status screen display issue, where Blind and Silence are reversed. It's already been fixed and will be uploaded when I finish making a few other tweaks. Been busy lately and haven't had much time to fix little stuff. It should be blocking the right status ingame.

2) I've tried to fix this issue. Unfortunately, it seems as if when I fix it for one person, it breaks for someone else. I'm not sure what's going on with it but it seems like it's always wrong for half of the playerbase. :/

Bug Reports

It's not a bug but summon MP cost is being toned down and power is being increased.


It's from a boss, without checking I believe Fiend.


Weird, it should have worked just the same, haven't heard of anyone not being able to advance it via controller. I'll have to look into it.


The bonus dungeon is at Cutter's Cry near Emerald City.
Oh. And I must've missed a Flame Band somewhere.

Edit: I seem to have a slight problem. I can't get in. "Sorry, this area is off limits."

If I try to start the game with the Clear Game data, it just sends me to the end-game picture. Then nothing seems to happen.

You can just hit enter/cancel to get past that, but I need to have some sort of auto skip after a time for it I think because a few people have gotten stuck there.


No problem! The Gil Band can be gotten as a prize for picking all the "right" answers in the event with Fievel and the Sultan. You can also find another in the final dungeon if you missed that one.


For now, Absolute Zero and Southern Cross are in the bonus dungeon, but in the next patch they will be obtainable before that. You can get Twister from fighting Mythril Dragons on the Island Closest to Hell. Dragon Breath isn't a learnable spell, I'll need to fix the list because I think it was put there in error.

For the Paladin Shield, you just need to show them all of those items, they aren't taken away.