Screenshot Survival 20XX

Here's my updates to the starting map of my game. I have the large area in the middle due to needing space for events that happen later in the game. Mapping is my weakest area, so any tips to help me improve further are always welcome!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Thanks for the tip. Looking back at all the maps I've done for my game... all I see now is squares. I think I have a lot of work ahead of me :)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Here's the starting screen to my 1st MZ game, Prison of Hope. I hope you have some tips on how to improve my map skills.


Hello! I have been a long time lurker, just now created a account. I have been working with RPGMaker for a few months now, started with MV and using MZ now. I have a game in the works for MZ, hopefully someday I will release it here!
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