Magical Unicorn Adventure

So I've went ahead and updated the game to use FNA instead of XNA. If you couldn't get the game to run before, it should be much easier to do so now (the only dependency is .NET itself). Good luck playing this mess of a game.


This is a pretty great little RPG. It has a relatively fresh approach by making every single battle in the game a unique plot battle, so the difficulty stays just right throughout. Most of 'em require a lot of messing around with new builds for your characters. It also doesn't feel as claustrophobic as that might sound since the card mini game gives you a lot of optional exploration to do if you want it.

Magical Unicorn Adventure

Yeah this game dates back to 2008 so it's not a contest entry (though it was made in exactly one month for a different contest which is why it's so glitchy).

Still got an error after running xnafx31_redist.msi. Readme says I should update my .NET framework. I've not done this before. How do I find out what .NET framework I have, or if I even have it at all?

It will be listed in add/remove programs.

You can download .NET 4 at:

The Demo

Yeah, everything. You should be doing this in a freshly made copy of sphere and not your current working directory, though (since this is primarily for distribution and you don't want all your other stuff in with it).

It sounds like you installed with the exe, you should probably use the zip release for this so you don't confuse the installer with multiple copies. I don't know where you found Sphere at but I believe the latest releases can be found here: (You'll also need the extracted to the same directory)

The Demo

I know it's cool to be different.

But I'm curious as to what this game/engine has to offer that the RPGmakers don't.

I mean, there is a problem just opening the game.
It might be better to stick with one of the makers.

But I respect you trying something new.

It has roughly the same advantages as programming a game from the ground up vs other makers, except with the advantage of being easier to do thanks to JavaScript and easier accessibility to the basic functions needed to make the game. It also has the drawbacks of still being waaaay harder to make stuff and as such first attempts like this will be an even bigger mess than most new maker games.

Still! Good job getting this far I'm sure it was a lot of work, I'll check it out later.
Also for making distribution of your game easier you can take the Sphere distribution, replace everything in the startup directory with your own game and it will automatically start your game when engine.exe is ran. You can just zip that up and make it much easier on people unfamiliar with sphere.

That's a map, alright

edchuy: That's not a bad idea, I'll probably end up doing it.

FG: This was a bit of a debate for us. In order to do a full-screen map we'd either need a Map option as a submenu, or a separate permanent button for bringing up the map. With the submenu that's another annoying time-consuming step for the player to bring it up, while a permanent button leads to control mapping confusion (a big issue in the first demo so we kind of want to avoid it).

We ended up compromising by making the map a subwindow of the main menu as shown, but it has the new issues of visual clutter and less space for the actual map contents. At this point I want to just throw up my arms in the air and scream.

Hydration 2: Oasis

There was another private demo that is pretty drastically different from the RS! demo but after that we basically lost all steam since interest in the game was abysmal outside of the podcast coverage.

Game Chill 2009

Yeah. I suck. But what was my compo game will get released in a few weeks.

Game Chill 2009

YDS's three day compromise seems like the ideal way to deal with the tied judge vote unless you guys have some other way to break the tie. I way mis-estimated my finals and pretty much didn't start in earnest until 3 days after the compo started (and it seems many people have similar gaps of no-work days since we're in a kind of busy holiday season).

It's pretty much the difference between a barely functional demo and a complete game for my team since we're running way too late on engine stuff to get any content in there in time, probably.

Eine Verschmutzung

dezz: It's included with the game. Though if you want it for other purposes the engine itself is availible at
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