I'm not even good at descriptions (and I'm good at writting ¬ ¬) but I will try...

I'm a guy from Spain (Madrid) but I live in Cadiz. I love music, I love to play the drums and RPG's games in general. I Have some skills with rpg maker vx/ace and with 2003. I have tried the others but I don't like them too much.
I also like writting poetry and writting plots for stories.

Well this is me :)


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idea story for my game

Well... I was thinking of making a game about vampires and I have this idea for a story. I want to have some review and feedback it is posible

Dracula wakes up in his old castle. He's has been sleeping 200 years and he wants to do what he liked to do 200 years before. Scaring the world and sucking blood. So he uses his invicibility and he go t the place he used to live. But he noticed something weird... the place he was living isn't the same. There is technology, cars, more people, etc...
He see a lace called "Cinema" and saw a vampire film in a cartel. He don't know what a film is but he visit the cinema to see what's it. (Is nightime at that moment). He go to the cinema and he's scared: "The images are moving! The vampires are alive!. But he noticed they where fake, he was watching twlight. When the film ends he's messed up. But
he don't understand anything, so he go to a bookshop, he enter the bookshop and he picks all the books he can. When he finished reading many books (the people thought that he was a ghost) he understand many things. Internet, cinema, story, he can believe nothing! But now he has only a goal... Killing Catherine Hardwicke the director of twilight.

thanks for reading ^^

Hvis lyset tar oss - full album (8bit)

Hey guys! I always wanted to upload this video since this is the best burzum album (for me).

I hope you like the video. Suscribe if you want!
Thank you

Is this plagiarism?

Hey guys. I was hearing some music and I found this song.

It was a song by nocturnal depression called Nostalgia. I didn't like it to much but I realised something fucked up. Besides it's shitty sound cuality (dsbm) the intro sounds like this song.

I realised that and I thougt it was a clear plagy of that song.

Do you think this is a plagy?

And how you feel this is affecting music industry?

Posers phrases thread!

Hey guys! This is a silly thread xD. This thread is about posting prases that usually possers says (in every thing, not only in music).

I will start with this:
Guy 1:I love bethoven! He is a genious!

Guy 2: What is his best conposition?

Guy 1: Nanananaaaaaa nanananaaaaaa

Dragon quest VIII - heavenly flight (8 bit)

Hey! I want to share this remake, mainly because It's the only remake on youtube.

I also was wondering if I can upload these remakes as a music package here. Free of course.

Thank you

Final fantasy vi full soundtrack in 8 bit!

Hey guys. In this post I wanna share an 8bit remake that I like a lot. The ff vi ost remake

I hope you like it ^^

8 bit music thread!

Hey people! This is another thread about 8 bit music. In this thread I will share some songs.

The final fantasy vi full soundtrack in 8 bits

The final fantasy Iv full soundtrack in 8 bits

Skyrim - far horizonts

The guts theme from berserk

Suikoden I world map theme

Summoning - old mourning dawn

Dragon quest VIII - reminiscence

Dragon quest V - world map theme

Well guys, that's it. I hope you like it. I will make more videos, one everyday.

Thanks for reading :)

Chrono trigger - secret of the forest 8 bit

Hello guys. I just finished the chrono trigger secret of the forest song in 8 bit.
The vid is here

Hope you like it! Please like and sub xD

Someone who wants to make s band?

Hey guys. Recently I had problems with my band (laziness of the members, less me xD and that stuff) I play the drums and I have been playing for 1 year and a half. I like all music genres (less reggaeton of course :p) I founded a band with one friend of mine but we didn't achive anything since we were studying and he needed to improve his guitar skills. We only did the logo and it's incomplete (gosh ¬ ¬) the band name was suffering wounds, it was a black metal band. The logo is only the world suffering since the program didn't save the logo. The logo is on my deviantart account which I can't post any link. My phone isn't working very well. But I have the half logo. If you're interested send me a pm here.
Thanks for reading

[RMVX] ] The intro of my first game (video)

Hello guys. I just started a game three days beforr and I want to post here the intro of the game. [youtube][/youtube]
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