I'm not even good at descriptions (and I'm good at writting ¬ ¬) but I will try...

I'm a guy from Spain (Madrid) but I live in Cadiz. I love music, I love to play the drums and RPG's games in general. I Have some skills with rpg maker vx/ace and with 2003. I have tried the others but I don't like them too much.
I also like writting poetry and writting plots for stories.

Well this is me :)


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Some 8bit music!!

Hey guys. I love to remaster songs in 8bit and I want to share some of my videos. Here is the complete ffvi soundtrack remastered in 8bits

Here is the full ffiv ost in 8 bits

The Suikoden I world map theme in 8 bits

And the guts theme in 8bits

I hope you like the music.
Have a nice day :)

Hey guys!!

Hello all of you! I'm SZandex!

I registered to this site one month ago but I did nothing until today. So consider this as my greet and as my first post.

I'm from Spain and I always liked rpg games. I'm currently working on a project I started two days ago. The games I like to do are mainly 8 bit style and I usually use rpg maker VX, ACE and 2003. I have no much skill with the program but I know the bassics and I want to improve my skills.

May some of you know me as Landofthedead or bohemianworld. I like to make 8bit covers of songs and I also like to make rpg maker games. I also like music. I was in a band since I play drums. But I left the band a week ago.

I hope I enjoy my stay here :)

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