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Possible virus with Umbral Soul download (Win32Salinity)

author=Sgt M
As far as I can tell, Umbral Soul is distributed through the default EXE file that VX Ace creates when compressing a game. Many antivirus programs will notoriously pick these EXEs up as false positives because it can't recognize what it is. You'll likely get the same issue if you try to download other VXA games distributed the same way. Windows 10's Windows Defender will also often do this as well.

This is also why you shouldn't distribute your games this way.

These files are usually safe, unless someone did intentionally include a virus in the game files. And considering how popular Umbral Soul is, I'd say it's unlikely that it's malicious.

Thanks for the quick reply, I'll give it an install with AVG turned off a little later.

Possible virus with Umbral Soul download (Win32Salinity)

I downloaded Umbral Soul a while ago and I decided to install it today. During installation, AVG free detected a virus (Win32Salinity) within the download. I allowed AVG to place it in quarantine. I don't know if this is AVG being overprotective or there really is a virus within, but others have downloaded it without any problems, so I'm guessing it AVG being paranoid. Let me know one way or another.
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