I like RPGM games they are weird and surreal! However, the worldbuilding and atmosphere behind such a universe must be also solid and genuine. I like to *feel* the game, so to speak. Altough i'am not very good at creating games like that. So sad.

I'am interested in knowing all the weird thing you love the most. Bring me nightmares!




I just love this game's style and atmosphere.

RPG Maker VX Ace

There's no Ace like VX Ace.


Is he fapping?


I played it on the day of the release. It's so good to see the little improvements that have happened from Undertale to this one. The combat mechanis, which can sometime activat ouside the usual context of a battle, was pretty sweet, for example.

The Devil is on the details. I mean, not really details, taking in consideration the scope of the game, but still.

Lisa "The First"

Nice game. I like the music and the dar themes. Oh, and the surreal aspects are really amazing!

Taking Drawing Requests (MSpaint Edition)

Elliot Rodger and Adam Lanza kissing.

Please, i need this.


Hi, everyone, i'am a 19 y/o from Brazil that, despite being very new to this forum as for now, used to lurk a little bit here from time to time. I love surreal RPGM games (The Middens series, Space Funeral, The Endless Empty, A Bathroon In WOnderland, Hylics, Off, etc.) and i'am working on making my own (howeverever, this project is more foucosed in offensive humour), although i'am horrible at art and programming. But, hey, if you got enough crativity to work around this lack of skill, then you just might be in for something pretty cool.

Anyway, i hope i can make some friends in here and discover more weird games.
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