Sagitar is a dynamic designer, passionate player, and founder of indie dev studio Wayward Prophet.
A Story Beside
Imagine that for every epic adventure, there was A Story Beside.




Thank you very much! Glad you think so.


Thank you very much! I'm pretty happy with the way the different layers look in motion, which has taken a stupid amount of work.

A Story Beside

Thank you! I really appreciate the kind words and well wishes =) I've been hard at work on this project for a while now.

World's Dawn is now available on Steam!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your support throughout this entire process =)

World's Dawn

Thanks so much =) It feels amazing to have finally finished the game and put it out there into the world!

World's Dawn now on Steam Greenlight!

Thank you! I'll try not to be corrupted by the power of the one ring Steam.

World's Dawn

I'm aware, but that is the issue I had, they didn't show up in either place, clothing box inventory or regular inventory. I had to start a new game (I didn't have too much time invested, I bought the ashen mask first or second day being there, though my second playthrough it didn't show up until Paxel's second visit) As for the post office, same issue, wasn't there even after a full week, but didn't happen with the frying pan.

I'll look into it and hopefully have it fixed in the final version! Thanks for reporting and sorry for the trouble.

World's Dawn is officially funded!

Thank you all! "Yay" is a pretty good summation of my feelings at the moment =)

World's Dawn

^ Thanks for taking the time to point out those bugs! They will definitely be addressed in the final version of the game.

World's Dawn Review

Thanks so much for the review! I was very interested reading your thoughts on navigating the village, and will definitely consider adding a map item for players that need it. I'm glad you enjoyed the first few hours of the game and hope you continue playing.