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Wildsilver Zero
The Wildsilver prototype game



Wildsilver Zero



After 3 years of hard work, version 0.9.x of Wildsilver is now available on!

It contains the complete story, all skills, items, equipment, enemies, locations et cetera.

It’s a full gaming experience, but there will be regular patches with improvements.

Version 1.0.0 will be released once I feel like development is practically done and there are no ‘should-dos’ anymore. A piece of art is never finished, only abandoned, but this will be the point where I don’t make changes proactively anymore (while still reacting to feedback). Version 0.9.x is priced at 4,99 USD, while version 1.0.x will be 9,99 USD.

Here's the link:

Wildsilver on

Play it now and let me know what you think!

Wildsilver Zero

Another update!
Wildsilver Demo is now called Wildsilver Zero. It is a stand-alone experience, after all, and there will be a new demo for the actual story-driven game Wildsilver soon. The title screen and some plugins have been updated. The version number is now 1.0.0 to indicate that I consider Wildsilver Zero a completed project. There will still be bugfixes when necessary, of course.

Wildsilver Zero

There have been two updates recently. :)

  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to recruit 5 party members and thus deactivate enemy encounters entirely (because the enemy troops are selected based on the number of party members, and the case of 5 party members is undefined).
  • Added the Fairy of Fixes, found in front of the Cathedral, who can remove the 5th party member (and swap between the two options).
  • Fixed a minor bug.

  • Attack Seal: Fixed an error that would crash the game when a battler with this state tried to counterattack.
  • Mila: Added a new hint explaining the encounter cooldown.
  • Hazy Lake: Added the missing jump to the southwestern island.
  • Fairy of Fixes: You can now properly cancel out of the character choice presented to you by the fairy in front of the Cathedral.

Wildsilver Zero

A pretty extensive update has been released!

Patchlog 0.4.2

Do you like the changes? :) Anything else you would like me to have a look at?

Wildsilver Zero

author=d757darkman be going live with the game, come join us if u can

Awesome, thank you! :) It's on my watchlist!

Wildsilver Zero

Whoa, Firefly! :O Thanks for the bug report, but thanks even more for the guide! It's so detailled! I love guides — remember when SNES RPGs had guide books? —, and it's very cool to see one for your own game.

Wildsilver Zero

I am nearing the end (only the boss in the cathedral is still undefeated) but curious if the special fountain has a secret.

The fountain can be used to get (back) rare items you have missed or sold. The 'blanks' (in this 'lottery') give you random premium prizes (like Extra Lives). There's nothing exclusive, though.

And yes, please post your bug report! Version 0.4.2 is already in development, so I might have found and fixed a few of your bugs already, but you never know. :)

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it!

Wildsilver Zero

The frame rate goes down in the forest due to the light.

Does turning off 'Special Effects' in the options menu help? :)

Wildsilver Zero

Nice! I love the way you handle the maps, it's neat and cute. I'll give it a shot. Subscribed! *Quick question, is this still a demo or completed? You say it's a demo in the game description, but the thread status is completed.

Thank you! :) I'm glad you like it!

As far as the status is concerned: It's complicated. :D You see, this demo is a bit different. While most demos are simply the first x minutes/hours of the full game, this one is its own thing.

I've just started working on the full game, and the first area — the forest — turned out quite similar to the demo version, but after that, the areas will be completely different. The full version may or may not contain some of the maps and NPCs the demo contains. It will be very similar in terms of gameplay, however — unless your feedback tells me I'm on a completely wrong track. Thus far, people seem to like it, though. :)

Game Master

Awesome. :)

And thanks to darkborn24890, there's another update. After more than 4 years, I've released version 1.0.6, mainly to fix the Silence state which hasn't been working on enemy skills. Now it does!
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