OK, I gotta be doing something wrong :(

I have died better then 15x.

There are not a lot of health potions and even if there were, I still die
quickly :)

Can't seem to equip. anything but the sword.

The snaked are not to terrible, but that big monster in the first cave....

Well, anyone have any idea how I can stay alive or was this game created
just to frustrate me ?? :)
you can escape the cave and go back to the lumberjack in the east
he made another bridge where you can go to a house where the story unfolds...

oh and im wondering, can you guys update the game for the controls thing?..i still can't get a hang of it >.< (wasted my daggers)

My mistake

I got my username wrong for typing so fast...argh.. is there any mod out there to help me? It should be "Sakimichi"

I'm so sorry for the trouble >.<


I'm having trouble with the controls, but I love the concept so far. Will review if i finish it in time, oh and in the opening scene there was a spelling mistake.
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