Source of this MIDI? [Battle BGM used in Hanzo Kimura Project]

BGM - Battle - Default01

Years ago, I heard this BGM/MIDI in a Hanzo Kimura project trailer. I liked the music and somehow came across the MIDI for it around the time I'd heard it in the trailer. But I actually can't even find the trailer now. I think his channel no longer exists.

I recently emailed Hanzo and he said the MIDI was originally from a website that had a bunch of free resources for RPG type projects. He said he couldn't find the site when I asked him for the source, and given that he was called out for plagiarizing/stealing art assets, I wanted to double check this is actually the case that it's a free resource. Given it's a MIDI I do believe that it is a free resource, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm having someone create a soundtrack for my project and we bounced the idea around of having one of the songs in the game be a recreation/remix of an existing song made for RPG Maker (editor or resource.) I really like this composition, it's fantastic for a MIDI.

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Free Turn show enemy turns?

So in the Free Turn Battle system it shows available turns for the actors, but I would love to see the same for enemies! Yanfly said that the enemies don't benefit from the extra turn bonuses, which is fine for this request.

But I was wondering if someone could make it so that when it's the enemy party phase, it would show the icons for turns as it would for the player party phase? So let's say you have a troop with 3 enemies, two of them have a the tag for 200% additional action while the third enemy doesn't. In that case it would show 5 turn icons, and as each turn was used, an icon would turn into the used turn icon. If one of the 200% action enemy's was stunned when their turn began, than only 3 turn icons would show up. If an enemy is given a state that grants an additional action, then that should be reflected when the icons show up.

Also, to anyone who is taking this request up, can you make it so that the turn/used turn icons for the enemy phase are two different ones than the ones used for the player party in the default Free Turn Battle script?

Ace Battle Engine:

Free Turn:

[RMVX ACE] Yanfly Battle Engine/Free Turn Scrolling Issue

I'm interested in using the free turn battle system with Ace Battle Engine, but if I hit the right arrow too many times while cycling through my actors, it just forfeits the party turn and the enemy party gets a free strike.

It's kind of annoying and I was wondering if anyone would know how to make it so that if you've pressed right while on the end of the index of actors in the active battle party (or those who aren't affected by ailments that make it so they can't act), it will just bring up the party command window instead of forfeiting your turn. This is similar to when you press left while at the beginning of the actors in the active battle party.

Ace Battle Engine:

Free Turn:

Outmode - A Video Game Band

Last may I started on an idea for an animated band called Outmode. Originally inspired by the Gorillaz, but catered to video games. The band themselves are not the focus of their music videos, rather, they play the music that takes place over the narratives in them.

The stories play out in the form of cutscenes and animated video game footage. So It doesn't just LOOK like a video game, it also behaves like it's a real one! And that's what's unique about this work. Animating in this discipline is a passion of mine and I am going to use Outmode to keep exploring this. I have a lot of ideas for music videos!

Here's their first music video. Animated over three months, Panoram Heist tells the story of a crook who's looking to make some easy cash. He makes the mistake of stealing the cash register from a bar that Outmode is playing at. Getting the attention of the well as the local authorities.

Conditional branch to check if the game was loaded

So I got an interesting bit of critique for my project, which I would like to address, but I need to know what my options are.

In my game, you save the game by going to the washroom, you get one message explaining that your health and magic are restored, but your TP has been lowered. Then the player is asked if they wish to save. After that, the game returns, the player walks out of the bathroom and does a pose for a few seconds to the fanfare from Metroid Fusion.

Saving can be seen at the beginning of this video. Note that the visuals are different now and that the loading/saving bar has been decreased. I have those there because I think it looks cool and I also have a community art aspect of the project I'll be recruiting for soon! The beginning of the game also had it's difficulty toned down a bit to make it so the player wouldn't have to go and save often, which just took up time.

The critique I want to address

just one tip: when you character does a little dance in the start of a level, make it a little faster.

I want to make this process faster, but I want to keep the character doing the pose to the fanfare, it's just a bit of an homage to Metroid. I'm thinking the smartest way to address this issue while satisfying all parties is to have a conditional branch of some kind check if the player has loaded the game.

That's what Metroid does, you don't have to sit there and watch Samus as the fanfare goes when you save a game. This way, I can still have the effect I'd like (posing/fanfare on load game) but then save the player more of their time if they just want to save, making the process more streamlined.

So, is there any way I can have a conditional branch used after the save command that will check if the player has just loaded a game?

I'm a bit married to this idea, but I'm not opposed to suggestions. If you guys think I should do the saving a different way/have something else you think would be better, by all means; shoot!

[ACE] Forcing all enemies to target the last target in common event?

I wanted to imitate SMT IV's info window, which would come up after certain attacks/things happened with notices like "Attack lowered" etc. To achieve this, certain attacks actually had their secondary processes of doing things like adding a state or a buff/debuff in a common event that would result from the skill use (which would follow the info window).

The problem I have now encountered is that I did all the testing for some of said skills with only one enemy in the troop. When there are more enemies, this leads to a problem; I have to try and force all the enemies to give the last target the state/buff/debuff in the common event. But since the attack would have only been performed by the one enemy, only one would have a proper last target to do this to while every other enemy would go for the wrong actors (or for the first one if they haven't attacked anyone yet).

I thought of an interesting solution, but I need some help:

Here's what I would like to happen: After the process of the info window, it will check to see if the first enemy is there, if it is, then it will give the last target that any enemy of the troop had attacked the state and exit the event processing (repeat conditions is the first enemy is dead, or second, and so on). However, the problem comes up that if said enemy hasn't attacked any of the actors, they won't have the right index for the last target.

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I was browsing RPG Maker Web and came across this topic: http://forums.rpgmak...arget-question/

This piece of script is mentioned;
battler1.last_target_index = battler2.last_target_index

I'm curious if it's possible to use a script command before the force action command to make it so that the last target attacked would be the last target that any enemy of the enemy troop had just attacked? I figured if there was it would be sort of similar to the script mentioned above.

Hey there, what's up?

My name's Adam, I've posted on here like once in the past and figured it was time I start being more a part of the community. I'm working on a really fun JRPG in ACE (which I just uploaded a demo of recently) and this will hopefully be my first successfully completed game project.

I'm a Lebanese Canadian and I live in Calgary, Alberta. I mention my location just in the case there is anyone close by. I love the arts/videos games. One of my obsessions is telling stories in video game-like formats. These are two examples of my animation work;

Animation I did under a contract for Quickdraw Animation Society, a Calgary based animation company.

Done in 48 hours for a contest.

I've been really looking to get some feedback on my game so far. If any of you are interested, I'd super appreciate it if you could check it out :)

Hey, I need some assistance with this MOG hunter script! (VX ACE)

I don't know why, but I can't get this script to work outside of the the Master Demo for MOG scripts. Whenever I go into a battle, nothing shows up. If I remove the graphics, it still tries to look for them. But when they are in there, nothing. I tried following the instructions, it seems really simple, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Hope I'm not being an incredible noob, I've been messing with it for a couple of hours now. I even tested it in a new project and got the same results.

Recently, something changed when I was testing the script and it doesn't even try to look for the graphics. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong.

The script is the 'Boss HP Meter' included in the master demo for MOG scripts;

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