Yume RPG Toolkit 3D

For using YRPG. You won't need any programming skills. The event Editor is very offers everything what you could need for a RPG. I will write a documentation about everything users need to know about YRPG Toolkit. If you want there is also a feature called 'Lite-C Code', which allows you to use Lite-C (Programming Language of Acknex' Engine). But it's not necessary.

It's really timeconsuming to create assets. And free stuff is really rare.
Next step after completing my Toolkit, is searching for a model artist, who creates a template for my toolkit. Prices for professional models aren't cheap. But than everyone will be able to create 3D RPGs.

But at first I have to calculate all my costs. This project will be more expensive than I thought at beginning. To publish my Map-Editor would cost me 800 €. It's just the price for the License, which allows me to distribute special files of the engine. Without those Files, the map compiler won't work.

Without a Map Editor 200 €. Then people have to use the 3D Gamestudio Map Editor.

Next Question - how big will be a template of models?
A professional Model package with town, cave, dungeon, forest pack and a bundle of characters would cost something about 1000 €. I need more than just an indie license, becaue I will distribute all these models.

I thought about a crowdfunding project. Unfortunately kickstarter isn't available in Germany.

Therefore there would be just one solution. To take the risk of buying all this models from my own pocket and sell the Toolkit. If people buy Yume I will earn my investment back. If not I will be the loser.
Right now I am just a poor student. But I am sure, there will be a solution for our template problem. ;)

Astatine Adventures

Astatine reminds me a bit of Rorona (Roronas Atelier). ;)
I like the idea of the plot. The voice actors doing a great job!
I will continue watching this brilliant piece of art! Keep it up!

Yume RPG Toolkit 3D

On what platforms can games be released with this engine?

Originally this engine was created just for Windows. With Wine Runtime Environment it also works for Linux and Mac Distros.

For the future there are rumors about support for android.
The developers of acknex engine are porting games for XBox (just special games).

For more questions about the engine of VRPG just visit
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