I'm an art student who's wanted to make video games for YEARS. I'm mainly on this site to get some tips on how to make better games with RPG Maker XP(the game engine I'm currently working with). This year, apart from making games with RMXP, I'll also be experimenting with a free 3D animation and game developement tool called "Blender"(One of my upperclassmen is a pro with this software and has made some pretty interesting stuff), and because it's a 3D developement tool, I'll be stepping up my laptop a notch -- gotta get something with a nice amount of memory, ram, and a decent processor(I REALLY don't want anything less than an i7). I've found a nice little model for about $800 that fits all these specs -- I hope to have this before the next 3 months are over, so wish me luck :D.

Oh, and I'm a geek(obviously) so I have a account XD Ironically, it has the same user name as the one on this site, except with a space in it(Samurai Tsundere).
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