An amateur game developer/spriter at 19 years of age. I'm interested primarily in rpgs, my favorite being the Dot Hack series, but I'm also fond of many others including Final Fantasy, Legend of Dragoon, Star Ocean, Dark Cloud, Shadow Hearts, Breath of Fire, etc.

The game engine I use is mostly VX Ace, though if I feel like it I can switch to another one at any time, as I happen to adore the projects made in 2k-XP, as well as VX which I also use. Below is a list of my projects I'm currently working on, will be working on in the future.

Current Projects:
Tears of Samsara (Current)
ToS: Shards of Xielba (Hiatus)
Synthetic Odyssey (Team, Hiatus)
Butterfly Chronicles: Palemoon (Hiatus)

Cancelled Projects:
NightinGale (Wanted to test rm2k's waters, but gave up on it.)
They Come (Mess made in a week for an event that was scrapped half-way through.)

Tester For:
Lithia (Developer recently returned, though this is still cancelled)
A Reason for Magic: Santoo Rinba (Cancelled; turned into Moon & Star Preludes)
Chaos Divine
The Grandest of Dreamers (Developer's gone missing)

Future Projects:
Stream: Spirits Within
Final Fantasy Tactics: Blood Solstice (A re-balancing hack for Final Fantasy Tactics with a lot of palette swaps)
Pokemon Soluna
Tears of Samsara
What would you do to save those that you love?



What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Currently working on Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, and Grand Chase(love this mmo). I'm thinking of starting up a few games I've been neglecting Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Dream Endeavor, and Dragon Valor(I will finish you one day! xD)~

Making of a Hero

So, this is what you've been working on, eh Dame? Looks pretty nice; subbed~ ;3

Ellenor's pixel template.

Probably one of the best templates I've seen..keep up the fantastic work! :o

20-8-5 7-1-13-5 23-9-12-12 2-5 18-5-12-5-1-19-5 22-5-18-25 19-15-15-14.

The game will be released very soon~ You forgot a D at the end of release by the way, Jomar. :)

Final Fantasy 6 Remake!

Haven't played through the ios version of FFV (because I don't have an ios/android), but honestly it's not all that bad. Character sprites are, I'll admit, but the job menu and enemy sprites are pretty impressive:

So, will FFVI ios be downright terrible? No, as long as they don't screw it up like that meteor..and the sprites we'll just have to get used to, I guess. Although, full 3D remakes of both of these would've been so much better.. :p

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - the 6th generation confirmed!

What the..frak did they do to Heracross? I mean, Pinsir's is good, Alakazam's is good, but..why do I find Heracross' new mega evolution so...odd? o-o

(Maybe it's just me, idk..but I personally do not like his mega appearance "at all".)

Final Fantasy 6 Remake!

This is what Square Enix should do for a true remake for FFV, FFVI, and all the other classic ones: (Even if was just them trolling us..)

How bad is your eyesight?

My eyesight's been abysmally bad since like...geez I can't even remember. Although, I didn't get classes until near the end of my 11th year of school..before that, I just dealt with stuff without seeing it clearly.

Funny thing is though, is that even after I got "thick" as hell glasses, they barely helped at all; I went from only being able to see a few centimeters in front of me to a few feet..and it's still not really all too non-blurry to me. xD (I "cannot" handle anything going directly near my eyes; eye drops, contacts..stuff like that, so yeah it's either glasses or nothing for me~)

Final Fantasy 6 Remake!

That meteor..looks like it was pasted together in less than five minutes. I mean, did anyone over at Square Enix "not" see the obvious lines in pretty much every spot on it? :p

(Lol, I just noticed it's on the ground too? Wtf? o-o)

Final Fantasy 6 Remake!

I'm going to be over here in the corner crying quietly
Don't worry LockeZ, there's still Breath of Fire 6 to look forward to! ..Oh wait. But, at least there's the awesome Megaman mobile games to enjoy! ..Err.. (Different company, but it's easy to be depressed over mobile games...apparently.)


(That last part about FFVII pisses me off though. If the Legacy project succeeds, then one day they'll work on FFVII? Uhm..yeah, okay keep making FFXIII sequels, because everyone loves those right? I mean it's not like you couldn't make a bajeesus amount of cash out of a FFVII remake or anything, oh no! :p)