This..heatwave. Me, and hot weather don't go well together; I'm more of a Winter person~ Oh, and it's good to be back after two weeks! :D

  • Sana
  • 10/06/2013 03:13 AM


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Welcome! <3

Winter is nice for like a week. The snow is pretty, the heaters come on, and it's not unbearably cold. After that I constantly have a runny nose, it's always too hot in the house, it's always too cold outside and I'm constantly lugging around my coat.

Summer please.
You the practice of self-promotion
I pretty much agree with Gourd! Shoveling snow is the single most grueling physical activity I have ever done in my life. Although air condition during the summer dries my throat as much as heating does. Worse yet, my eyes get really dry and I easy fall asleep. Narcolepsy, damn you! As a good side effect of it though, I'm addicted to coffee.
I think why I like Winter more is because I almost never leave my house, or even my room all that much; Winter = no overheating/sweating, whereas Summer = my room as a substitute hotbox, even with air conditioning on.
Winter’s nice, but I can’t go outside to play some of the sports I love! You can’t play Soccer in the snow -
and you certainly can’t play Basketball when everything is all pitch ice. Thank god for the local community center or I’d go crazy!

Although everything sure is pretty when everything is covered in snow.
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