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At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires Review

And Thank you for making such an enjoyable game!

I don't know if it was just me, but Gary's accuracy was awful throughout the game, I'm curious to know if anyone else felt the same.

Ah okay, I can only imagine how hard it was to open locked chests before the game was updated.

Yes, I did get the optional sword for Cal and vest for Georgie, however the boss targeted Cal first and instantly killed her; kept doing it multiple times after reviving her while it's element was fire. Also, everyone was at maxed level when I fought the final boss.

Black Galax: Revert

You can find it in the walkthrough :)


Thank you! Also, in chapter 7.5, during the final battle against the boss. I can't beat it because this keeps message keeps popping up during the fight:

Unable to find file: /Audio/SE/Attack2

Do you know what's the problem?

Black Galax: Revert

Can you tell me the pass code in Death Quarter 3? I've no idea on how to piece together the correct code while there's a time limit ticking.

Casia Review

Aww you beat me to the 2nd review for this game! I'm fine with that though, I was busy with school so I'll get to my own review for this game that I loved playing as well!

Might be Magic: Stolen Love

Oh wow, the expected completion of this game is on my birthday! I'm looking forward to playing this game!

Oracle of Askigaga

The game's TVTropes page has been added into, and linked in, the description. Thanks again to Malandy for making the page!

I added a few more tropes to the page from what I still remembered while playing this game.

Meat Leftovers!

The games available doesn't really suit my tastes, so I'd prefer someone else that can appreciate it more will get it.

Black Galax: Revert

hi im stuck on the part where im brewing tea for athena ray
can you please tell how to solve this part. thx.

I'll help out since everyone helped me!

Here are the answers in order to make Athena's perfect tea

-50 seconds
-75 minutes
-2 minutes
-1 minute

And now back to asking for help >.>

-Where in Ixia forest can I go to trigger the true route ending? (I know it's Ixia 2 but I can't seem to get there? Also phantom is there harassing me which makes it even harder to find it)
-In the courtroom regarding the Doctor's disappearance, at one point, where I'm supposed to hold the "Q" button to show when a statement is unnecessary at one of the statements why
Athena might kidnapped the doctor
it won't register. I assume I'm doing something wrong; not a bug, since I see comments talking about certain parts of the game passed this section.

Time for Games

It seems to be working for me, but that doesn't mean much if it's not working for you.

I just stand in front of a tree and press Interact button and it seems to drain. Let me know if that doesn't happen for you.

No, charging the gun from the blue trees near the teleporting portals works perfectly fine. What's not fine is that after charging from all the trees in that area, the gun said that 2 more are needed to be fully charged, but there's no more blue trees besides the skinny blue trees which the gun won't charged from; the two big blue trees earlier on the mountain can't be charged from either.

Black Galax: Revert

9 - Superconductor Magnet
3 - 'doesn't mean that a technology has to be behind it!'
I hope you've enjoyed playing it so far!

Thank you~ And yes, I enjoyed playing this hidden gem! Except for the phantom... It appears very often for me; apparently I'm not supposed to kill it if I want the true ending? Which is very hard to do since it appears in narrow passages; moves at the same speed as my character, and the fact I can't run from it in battle.

Also, is the password for the drawer for the puzzle in the study supposed to only have a 5 digit password? Because the clue to open the drawer only hints 5_6_4 and going to the drawer, it has 7 spaces for numbers.
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