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[RMMV] Game crashes whenever I save

Here's my configuration with the plug-in (At least I think it's the configuration)

Max Files 24
Saved Icon 231
Empty icon 230
Return After Saving True
Auto New Index True
---Action Window---
Load Command Load
Save Command Save
Delete Command Delete
---Help Window---
Select Help Please select a file slot.
Load Help Loads the data from the saved game.
Save Help Saves the current progress in your game.
Delete Help Deletes all data from this save file.
Delete Filename Damage2
Delete Volume 100
Delete Pitch 150
Delete Pitch 0
---Info Window---
Show Game Title True
Invalid Game Text This save is for a different game.
Empty Game Text Empty
Party Display 2
Party Y Position this.lineHeight() + Window_Base._faceHeight.
Show Actors Name true
Name Font Size 20
Show Actor Level true
Level Font Size 20
Level Format \c%1 \c%3
Data Font Size 20
Data Column 1 empty, playtime, save count, gold count.
Data Column 2 location, variable 1, variable 2, variable 3
Data Column 3 empty, variable 4, variable 5, variable 6
Data Column 4
Map Location
Playtime Playtime:
Save Count Total Saves:
Gold Count %1:
Save Mode auto
Local Config config.rpgsave
Local Global global.rpgsave
Local Save file%1.rpgsave
Web Config RPG % 1 Config
Web Global RPG % 1 Global
Web Save RPG % 1 File%2
Load Confirmation true
Load Text Do you wish to load this save file?
Save Confirmation true
Save Text Do you wish to overwrite this save file?
Delete Confirmation true
Delete Text Do you wish to delete this save file?
Confirm Yes Yes
Confirm No No

Here's all the other plug-ins I'm using

I'll see if it'll work after turning off the other plug-ins

[RMMV] Game crashes whenever I save

Edit: I got the save menu the way I want it now, thanks for taking the time to read; try to help me!


• Fixed the issue of getting transported back to Oakenfort. Note that you will go through that bugged boat scene one more time, and then things will become normal!
• Saving game is now allowed inside the traps dungeon found in Swamp Morass. Getting hit by a trap will now send you back to the most recent checkpoint rather than starting point.

Manual patch:

Thanks for fixing that quickly since I literally couldn't progress through the game because of that bug!

Other bugs encountered:
- Non-boss enemies who use silence will cast it onto themselves and their allies

Minor issues:
-Whenever I use a boat, it would momentarily stop every tile, making it very long to travel. Same thing with Jaques's airship but it stops around every 3 tiles. Doesn't ruin the game, but it would be nice if the boat and airship moves smoothly.

Since I don't to keep posting bugs and issues, i want to say that I had a really fun time playing this game! it's one of my favorite games on with it's diverse characters, setting, and skills!

Chronicles: Fate of a Princess

I had a pleasant time with this game; such I rated a 4 (assuming that my review passed this time)


Here's a bug I found:

Sometimes, when I exit a town, my character would stay in place while the map scrolls elsewhere while playing the sailing ost; then my character is sent back to Oakenfort.

Finding Chibae

Bug I've encountered:

-Sometimes when a character levels up, they actually lose some stat points.
-Characters and enemies outside of battle could move up on walls for some odd reason.
-Character in lead gains much more experience than everyone else. Ex: I had Sadie in the lead and she gains enough experience to be over 5 levels compared to everyone else when no one died.

Other minor issues:

-The lack of save points in the game. There's only a save point at the beginning of the game; the end. I managed to get through the game just fine without saving but I don't think I can say the same to everyone else that plays this game if they're not as good in rpg games. I'd suggest adding save points in rooms with bosses.

-When I saw that this game was listed as "completed" I was hoping to finish the game with the full story. Instead, at the end I was greeted by a "to be continue" which left me disappointed.

Despite these bugs and issues, I had a fun experience with this game overall; will be looking forward to how the game ends!

The Four Disasters

Some issues with the game:
-Whenever I try to buy or sell something, I can only buy/sell one thing at a time
-Any weapons/accessories I give to a character who would be later replaced is gone forever (at least it seems like it's gone forever since this is still a demo and I don't know if they will return as playable characters again). It would be nice if the weapons/accessories I equipped certain characters gets returned to my inventory once they get replaced by other characters.

Despite the minor issues, I still enjoyed this demo very much; I'll be looking forward to when the game is completed! Thank you for taking the time to make this game for everyone to play~!
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