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Custom Item Menu in rm2k3

Hover over Community at the top. Forums is under that.

Custom Item Menu in rm2k3

This isn't really the right place to ask that question, you'd have been better off making a help topic on the main forums. No matter though.

You can only add pictures next to an item's name in the default battle system if you use glyphs, which afaik requires you to be using the non-official version of RM2K3. If you're using the official version of RM2K3 then I don't think you can do it. You can find a tutorial on doing it here:

You can't show pictures in battle in RM2K3 but you can use battle-animations to fake a picture being displayed instead.


FFS. The image in that tutorial is broken. You need this image:

That's the size of picture that will show up next to the text. You'll have to edit it as required. As you can see here, you can link several glyphs together to give the impression of a bigger image. I was never one to use glyphs so I don't know much more about them, maybe if you make a topic on the main forums someone who does will be able to give a better answer.

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That would've been even more brilliant if it was a picture of the RTP stone-carving :(

Best of Blogs #012

I believe it's called Prayer of the Faithless, not Prayer of the Refugee.

The Optimal RM2k/3 Number Guide

I thought WIP's solution to everything was to delete the forums.

Hero vs. Villain

A Fantastic Four rip-off?

HAHAHAHAHAHA those movies were terrible. Fantastic Four, I mean.

The Optimal RM2k/3 Number Guide


Bumping this post because it's convinced me not to switch to a newer maker for my post-Riot Grrrl projects :3

Hahahaha this is truer than it should be maybe I'll move over to RMMV if someone makes an RM2K3 RTP for it except the mapping apparently sucks :(

The Optimal RM2k/3 Number Guide

Get out of my head, Kenton.

The Optimal RM2k/3 Number Guide

So you've removed all the charm? Pffft.