Sore Losers

Yeah, I see the problem. The event is referencing different items than those being displayed. I'm too busy to do anything about it this weekend (plus I won't be at home, so I won't be near my computer), but I can probably get a patch out next weekend.

Thanks for pointing it out :)


Okay, this didn't get done yet because I've also been busy this weekend (it's coming home!) so I'll get around to it when I have a chance.

Sore Losers

How does one survive a room filled with electricity run amuck?

I don't think that electricity can be turned off. It's a trap.

Also, is there a bug on the autoclave mission? It's asking me to flip switches, but the lasers aren't coming down.

There isn't a bug with that mission so I'll assume you're having a problem with the "pressure sensitive" switch. In order for it to work, you have to stand still for 10 seconds after activating the switch. After 10 seconds, the game gives you a message saying, "The screen changed to show the lasers had been deactivated". If you move during that time then you have to restart the process.

Context: There is a puzzle in Breath of Fire 3 that you can only complete by standing still until Ryu hits his idle animation, and that shit took me ages to figure out when I was younger. I lifted the concept wholesale because that puzzle always stuck out in my mind.

Also, there's a bug in the synthesis menu, where I have all the ingredients checked off and in my inventory, but the game refuses to synthesize them, saying that I don't have the necessary ingredients and cash.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's a bug. That system was incredibly clunky, and it was one of my first attempts at creating a custom menu. What item are you encountering a bug with?

Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl

I'm going to assume you meant to post that comment on the Sore Losers page since Benji and Chris won't be in this game.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Bias. The other reviews weren't full of hateful bias, as far as I've seen (I read reviews that come through the queue, for funsies). This one was. In addition to not actually saying much about the game itself except to give reasons why it doesn't deserve to livewin any Misaos. Pure and simple. It's been explained to you a billion times now in various ways, every time you bring the goddamn thing up to whine about. Just because YOU don't accept the reason for it, doesn't mean that's not the reason. Geez.

That's because your reasoning is bullshit.

If I changed the headers for the sections to simply "Graphics", "Storyline", "Characters", and so forth then my review would be little different to all of my older reviews that I removed (like my review for Hero's Realm) and little different to the other sectioned reviews that are currently being submitted to the site. My review says everything about this game that I wanted to say regardless of the format I chose to use; it covers how little gameplay there is outside of battles; it covers how little exploration there is; it covers how the battles are boring because it's nigh-on impossible to lose them; it covers the major characters and gives a description of their personalities; it covers what little storyline is present in the game; it covers how vacuous the NPC interactions are throughout the game; it covers the graphics and the music; so on and so forth. It says just as much about the game as Calunio's review, the only difference being that I disliked the game and he liked it; pretending otherwise is a ridiculously indefensible position to put yourself in.

As for bias, all reviews are a result of personal bias. If you're saying that people aren't allowed to exhibit their personal biases in their reviews then you may as well delete all of the reviews. Literally all of them. Alternatively, if you're implying that I went into this review with the premeditated intention of tearing this game down then a) you're wrong because I don't do that and b) I'd like an apology for such a ridiculous character assassination.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi

Maybe one day Solitayre will grow some balls and admit that their reason for deleting my review of this game is categorically incorrect, especially given that they haven't even tried to defend their decision when given the chance to do so privately. Until then, here's the only review you'll ever need to read for this game:


If you're going to post to tell me to shut up about this, don't bother. I'd react the same way if RMN deleted any of my reviews for no good reason (it has little to do with this game specifically) and especially when there were numerous reviews posted during the recent review event that are less competently constructed than the one I'm linking here. All you'll do is identify yourself as someone without any taste and I can say that without coming close to being arrogant =/

Just be happy that I'm not actively telling people to go fuck themselves for posting bad reviews again.

Tristian: Lady of the Lion

Because drama.

Luxaren Allure

I wanted the rulers to effectively take the name of their kingdom as their own name when they were crowned, but in hindsight that does make things a bit tricky XD;
Not really; it's standard practice with a lot of nobility, and I don't think anyone we talk to in game would be high enough rank to mention their given names.

Not that it has anything to do with Unity's game-world (do what you want in your own game), but that's really not standard practice in the real-world. Real world monarchies places a lot of importance on their family's name and heritage, and for good reason since heritage was what their claims to the throne depended on.


Is this made with the unofficially translated or the officially translated version of RM2K3? I only ask because this website uses different engine labels for each. The one you're currently using is for the official translation.

Engalia: Before The Wager

Is this another golden week of gammak?