You're right, it is. Derp.


Fixed it :)


One thing I wish I could do that I've seen people doing in RMVX, is having one line for the mechanical information and another line for flavour text.


There's a decent number of skills in the game. There's an image of half the skill tree on this game-page, so that should give you some idea of how many there are. It's up to the player where they want to spend their AP and in what order. Unlike most games, this skill will be relatively useful since even more difficult enemies (this game doesn't really have "bosses") will be affected by it.

I was wondering about the skill name needing to be there. I'd probably have to replace my dorky quotes to fit it in, which I don't really want to do. You will see the skill name on the skill tree before you get to this screen, so I don't think the player really needs the name to be on this screen as well... but it would probably make sense.




This is pretty neat. I really like this tileset, the plants and trees look amazing.


I like how the dude has the most, "I'm so sick of your shit" look ever.


Anybody who hangs shelves/pictures/whatever over the side of the bed where they lay their head is asking to die in a tsunami of shelves/pictures/whatever falling onto them in their sleep.


I got Van Helsing Badaptation, which would've been pretty difficult as well!


...and the game was Radiant Blade. Well, that works just fine. (I'll still have to hide Sated in there along with all the other RMN references.)

u snooze u loze frogge

Wow, that worked out better than I thought. Or worse maybe? I don't know. That's a good name for a final weapon in a game like this!