Okurete Sumimasen Review

I can't decide what's worse. The quality of this review, or the developer's reaction toward it.

Selling Sunlight Review

They do go through an approval system, it's just that the people involved in that system aren't very good at their jobs.

Selling Sunlight Review

I wish there was a report button for reviews...

Selling Sunlight Review

This review is literally garbage. How it got through the supposed vetting process is beyond me.

Forever's End Review

This is a good example of how splitting a review into strict sections tends to do the author a disservice. For example, in the opening few paragraphs this review speaks about the influences other games have had on the storyline and characterisation present in Forever's End. It's decent enough analysis, but it also severely depletes the actual "story" section that comes later in the review. Those two sections could've really bolstered one another were they treated holistically...

Pom Gets Wi-Fi Review

So when a game isn't meant to be taken seriously, that means it's above all scrutiny?

That's not how it works.

Kindly go fuck yourself.

Pocket Mirror Review

Is this formatting some sort of fucking joke or are people really this dumb?

Sunken Spire Review

I can only assume you're terrible at RPGs if you think that the battles in this game are intense =/
Intense doesn't mean difficult.

Intense doesn't mean being able to win every battle by rolling my face over the keyboard.

Sunken Spire Review

I can only assume you're terrible at RPGs if you think that the battles in this game are intense =/

The Uranoth Chronicles - Remnants of the Past Review

I do feel the need to clarify a few things: The story picks up after stage 3, so you missed out on that. It's stages 4 and 5 that tell most of the story. I do get that the main character is annoying^^

What you need to do is make sure that the player wants to see how the story picks up; get them interested enough that they want to see the story through to its conclusion. I tried a similar end-loaded storyline in one of my games and, although some people seemed to enjoy it, there were some people who weren't hooked early enough and ended up giving up before getting to the "big reveal" so to speak. It's difficult to get the balance right, but you don't want the game to be too end-loaded in terms of storyline, especially if the main character isn't particularly relatable and/or likeable.