First and foremost, a review is written for the benefit of the audience and not the creator. Thinking that the criticism within a review isn't valid because it isn't sympathetic towards the creator is remarkably silly.

I also agree. Reviews are for the audience, but it's equally ridiculous to think that the game dev shouldn't be among the review's audience. If a review goes too far, any good points can be lost in the showboating. At this point, the review is useless to both the dev and the audience since the review is simply trying to be a piece of art in its right and is merely using the subject to try and prop itself up. The review becomes biased and unreliable since you cannot know if the reviewer is giving an honest opinion or simply playing to the masses.

The developer may well be part of the audience, but that doesn't mean the review needs to attempt to help them make their game better. If that's what developers want from reviews then what they actually need is a beta tester, not a reviewer.

All reviews are biased by definition.

Reviews are art in their own right.

Reliability has nothing to do with style nor temperament.

I just won first place in the Halloween Contest!

Oh, I thought you meant here. Nevermind.

I just won first place in the Halloween Contest!

Oh. I thought you meant here. Nevermind.

I have somehow landed on a "rich persons" mailing list

Rich Men's Network

I just won first place in the Halloween Contest!

There was a Halloween contest?

[Poll] Battle of Final Fantasy leading men, FF7 & FF8!

I feel like me and the resident squall fangirl here are the only ones who voted for squall.


Screenshot Survival 20XX

Thanks, I actually just updated it a bit. It now supports multiple light sources. Also changed the graphics a bit, overall I like the look better, feels more like an actual dungeon. But the walls doesn't look as good together with the line of sight stuff.

I thought that the point of having a limited field of view was to limit player information to the area around them. Doesn't having the torches lit up at all times take away from that?

Those graphics are cool though.


I mean, I guess there is an element of "there is something over there that I should go look at" that will be instilled in the player, and leading the player along like that gives the developer a lot of options...

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I wanted to play the game because of the colour scheme, of all things (I generally distrust hype). I was really bad at combat, and those blue amphibian dudes kept killing me whenever I ran into a group of them. Overall I didn't particularly enjoy what I played, although I really like Yennefer as a character (more so after reading about the books).

The last thing I did before ditching it was buy all the dick-shaped foods from some brothel in Novigrad.

I saw a post here about just using Quen over and over and how it breaks the combat.

Having had a look at the skill-tree in-game, it was pretty obvious that this would be (mostly) true, so that's what I've done. I'm only level 7 so it's possible that this will fall apart later in the game, but combat is a breeze thus far... except when the controls do weird things eg. how switching lock-on targets isn't very smooth.

Anyway, I'm having fun :) I didn't realise the game was so ridiculously massive. Gonna be at it for a while, I think!

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm finally getting around to playing The Witcher 3 despite having bought it on Steam in 2015. I was originally gonna play all three in order (since I got all three together, in some sort of group package) but the first game has either aged awfully or was never very good in the first place, and that kinda put me off playing the others... and then other games came out and I've been playing those.

I should've probably given the second game a shot before going straight to the third (and might still do that before playing more), but the third has so much hype surrounding it that I kinda wanted to jump straight in. Enjoying it a lot more than the first one thus far, even if the controls/combat is a little bit janky.

Does anyone Remember RpgRpgRevolution? (Remembering RRR)

You know what's really annoying? When people do this in their posts. It's really annoying.


Somebody on RRR gave Sore Losers the best review it ever got so that was nice. But I didn't really post there much, the front-end of the website was a complete mess and that always put me off more than it probably should've.