Okurete Sumimasen Review

I can't decide what's worse. The quality of this review, or the developer's reaction toward it.

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Yo geese are the shit. I'm all over that

Today I asked one of my co-workers if he wanted to work from home tomorrow.

He said he'd rather not, because if he stayed at home, his wife would "take advantage of him" and make him do stuff around the house, and babysit their kid.

For some reason I found that really depressing...

Without knowing the actual conversation, that kinda just sounds like they want to get work done without being distracted. But I imagine I'm being too naive.


The last time I tried to make a one-hour long game, I thought I'd done a good job until people started reporting that it was taking them several hours... RIP.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Right-click. Open in new tab. Image is now sized to fit the tab.

Just put large images inside "hide" tags and it's fine.

Alternate Map / Dungeon Systems

You could do that with RM2K/3 before, it just took a lot more "show picture" commands than it does now. I use a hyper-simplified analogue for some labyrinthine puzzles in one of my games.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I bought the new FIFA game, mostly to play "The Journey", which is basically EA stealing the conversation system from Mass Effect and applying it to the Be-A-Pro mode:

It actually works pretty well, but maybe that's because I've always really liked Be-A-Pro mode? It's not worth buying the game for on it's own, but it's not exactly the only mode I'm going to play and I also like the improvements that they've made to the basic gameplay and some of the other modes.

This year's FIFA has the second instalment of "The Journey", which I was really excited about since I enjoyed the first instalment. A quick overview is that the gameplay side of things has improved, but they kinda borked the opening the story and that puts a bit of a downer on things.

Although the core footballing gameplay is basically the same (barring the tweaks that EA make to the FIFA engine year-on-year), some neat character-building features have been added (such as a very RPG-esque skill-tree), and the addition of more focused in-game objectives (based on certain storyline choices, or how a given game is panning out) gives you more to do than just win. You also get the opportunity to control other characters who are part of the story and, since these characters have different strengths and weaknesses compared to the main character, it's a nice way of forcing players to be a bit more versatile.

As for the storyline, the problem I have is best explained by comparing the two instalments. In the first instalment, major storyline decisions were outside the control of your character, which fed well into the triumph-over-adversity vibe that the developers were going for. The decisions that you could make (like the dialogue options seen in the video above) largely fed back into the gameplay rather than the story; a good example being that acting too cocky would give a bad impression to your manager and teammates (making it harder to stay in the team) but would make your character more famous on social media (thus increasing their earnings etc.)

The second instalment tries to achieve the same triumph-over-adversity vibe, but the main decision that creates said adversity is wholly within the control of your character without you being given any say in the matter. Triumphing over adversity doesn't work so well when it's your own idiocy that creates said adversity, and even less so when the game tries to sell you on the idea that your decisions are going to be more important to the storyline without letting you stop said idiocy! Admittedly, the game does a lot better with the storyline after the first couple of chapters, but it's pretty painful initally.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Oh my god 2K3 sounds like a living nightmare

Better the nightmare I know.

"I thought I was a creator, I'm here just hanging around. Got my messiah impression, I think I got it nailed down..."

I thought you were talking about someone on RMN.
I think you know who I'm talking about.
I'm pretty sure you do.

Not really.

I just love this song, and I think the album it comes from is one of the best albums I've ever heard, if not the best outright.

ugh stop i was on a brand new kick for like two weeks last month and i finally got clean

I'll never get clean. Not complaining, though...

"I thought I was a creator, I'm here just hanging around. Got my messiah impression, I think I got it nailed down..."

What are you thinking about right now?

don't wanna shit up Ephiam's game profile but

and if it was the MIDI version, were you at one point listening to MIDI music on Windows Media Player and paused it, which causes the volume control for MIDI synth to be set to 0 for some dumb reason?

required a lol

I once spent an hour trying to debug Sore Losers before realising that this was what was going on.