Screenshot Survival 20XX

Those trees are a lot better than the ones that you posted originally.

What are you thinking about right now?

When a banner like this is taken down because it might be considered racist, when in actuality it refers to the colour of the shirts worn by Tranmere Rovers, I have to wonder how far out of the way some people go just to be offended...

Wind turbines: Are you a big fan?

THere are great places for solar panels and wind turbines... maybe. THey will always have a negative overall impact on animals.

Humans always have a negative overall impact on animals.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I've been playing Football Manager again, mostly to get myself hyped for this year's edition. I only tend to buy a new version once every few years because the year-on-year iterations aren't worth it, so the version I'm playing is from 2014.

Selling Sunlight Review

This review is literally garbage. How it got through the supposed vetting process is beyond me.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

^ this level of pigheadedness resonates with me...

What are you thinking about right now?

How come I'm missing 85 makerscore? Wasn't I at 5411?


Maybe you worked on one of the many games that I removed my review for?

[RM2K3] Check enemy skill?

The main question is whether you want it to reveal all enemies at the same time (easier) or a single enemy at a time (more difficult). The reason the latter is difficult is because you need to use weird workarounds to determine the target, kinda like in this tutorial:


In fact, if you followed that tutorial, but replaced the parts that deal damage with the stats you want to show, that would give you a Scan skill that targets a single enemy at a time. If you'd rather do it the other way, then lemme know and I can write a tutorial. Kinda surprised there isn't one already.

What are you jamming to?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Consistency is important, that's all.