Two types of skills

For the skill that kills an enemy using the status effect "Incapacitated", did you check the the enemies were susceptible to that status effect? In the monster tab, it lets you choose how weak a monster is to each status effect, and it's possible that they start off having a 100% resistance to the "Incapacitated" status effect.

If that's not why it isn't working, then you could also do this using a Switch skill. It would take a bit of eventing, and you'd need to copy and edit the event to match every monster party, but it's certainly do-able.

Unfortunately, without a copy of VX/XP I can't help you with the second one. I'm not sure what new commands are available to you in battle events, but I'm sure it is do-able somehow.

Shouldn't Have Used that Megalixer, You Were Going to Lose Either Way!

The only time I felt comfortable with "having to lose" was in Final Fantasy 9, when fighting Beatrix. The boss-fight was completely normal until you dealt x amount of damage to her and then she did one of her limit breaks to end the battle. I don't think I ever got killed by anything except the limit break, but I'm sure if you did it was a game-over screen that you achieved. Either way, seeing the limit break cutscene was worth fighting it out...

My Screenshot is Bigger Than Yours!

The simplest CMS ever:

My non-random encounter system:

Just a random screenshot:

Sore Losers

You'll have problems downloading since the game is still in development... In fact, it is quite a way from being complete :) I'm more interested in whipping up some interest right now.

Sore Losers




"It takes a 12 step program, hypnosis, a sex change, and the whole damn starwars series to break you away."
- Tyrannos

"Sore Losers" is a cyberpunk RPG set in a modern, dystopian world. The gameplay is largely traditional, but shakes things up with interactive mini-game sequences, optional missions and a deeply immersive setting, all of which serve to break up the common roleplaying grind.

The Setting:

The game is set within the nation of Ferusia, with most gameplay taking place in "Ferusia City", the nation's capital. The nation is a totalitarian state led by a single-party Government, but despite this the general populace of Ferusia are happy with their leaders. The Government's efforts to advance technology and science, whilst at the same time irradicating the distractions of religion and beauracracy, have resulting in the nation becoming the most technologically advanced in the world. The Ferusian military is also incredibly advanced compared to the militaries of other nations, and is the only one on the planet with modern firearms and artillery as well as the only military to have access to the more powerful weapons of war; these weapons include inter-continental, nuclear and biological missiles. The military also acts as a Police Force in most Ferusian cities and towns, a factor that the Government believes deters many from committing crimes every single day. Despite all this power, the country is no longer expansive having already taken control of most of its own continent, but it does has active interests in overseas resources. For instance, the recent discovery of an interesting mineral named Ferustine (named after the country by the research group that discovered it) has led to the stationing of many research groups overseas, all protected by a contingent of the Ferusian Military.

Despite the large majority of people being happy with Ferusian life, and despite the power of the Ferusian military, there are still those who believe a democratic state to be the only way a country should be run. They want more control over how the Government is run and want the Government to be more accountable to its citizens, especially when it comes to what the rebels believe are dangerous genetic and mechanic experiments being run by the Government. Without any solid proof, however, the rebels are fighting a losing battle and are gradually being weeded out by the Ferusian Military. Ferusian convicts also believe they are being treated unfairly; sentenced to life within the "slums" of Ferusia City (an area of the city designed specifcally to contain criminals), petty thieves and fraudsters are placed alongside murderers and rapists in a daily fight to survive.

In the middle of it all are Markus and David, two criminals who have accepted their wrongs and simply go about their lives in the slums. Working for a mercenary leader named Jade, they carry out various jobs for those with enough money to pay, and they're about to set out on their latest; one that will drag them into a conflict they don't understand and don't care to be a part of...


Thanks everyone, especially to anyone who helped throughout this.

So, after basically five years of restarting many different projects under the same sort of title, I've finally got one of them finished. I'm actually kind of amazed with myself because, to be honest, I didn't think this would ever happen; I have a massive tendency to get dragged down into remaking early sections of my games or trying to make their storylines more "epic" than they need to be and that usually puts me off track and leads to be abandonning what I have created.

Well, not this time!

This time I decided not to bother with making an "epic". I decided to put my perfectionism to one side and, instead of trying to recreate the overwhelming pretence that is most RM role-playing games, I decided to make a down-to-earth, fun-to-play game that isn't just a space-bashing romp through fantasy locales with bells attatched. And although I think the dystopian, cyberpunk setting I've created is a realistically gritty vision of life as a condemned criminal, and although I think the locales and non-playable characters are some of the best out there, and although I am quite proud of how the story comes together, none of these are what this game is about.

Instead, Sore Losers is only intended to be a fun to play game for the ten or so hours you'll be playing through it. I hope you'll all come out thinking that I've managed to achieve that.

Features Include:

Over 10 hours of gameplay.
A broad synthesis system that allows you to create and upgrade unique weapons.
Dozens of optional quests to complete, all kept track of by a "To Do List" system.
An Active Encounter System (AES) that removes the need for random encounters.
Inventive Lockpicking and Computer Hacking minigames.
More quotable NPCs than you can shake a stick at.