Achievements, GOGOGO

I think the achievements tab is a cool idea and I definitely think it should centre around development-based goals like it currently does. However, I don't think it is utilised enough! As far as I know, we currently have achievements for featured games*, winning contests and entering contests - let's try and think of some more!

I'll start with some obvious ones:

- Number of downloads: 100, 500, 1K, 2.5K and 5K (aka. The "Hero's Realm" achievement)
- Same for pageviews, only going higher: 1K, 5K, 10K, 20K, 50K etc. Pageviews are obviously gathered a bit quicker than downloads are!

*People also aren't notified when they get an achievement! I didn't know I had one for having a game featured until I looked 10 seconds ago. This should be changed too - maybe an automated PM that is sent to you when you get one?

Dead Island

How many people have seen the trailer for this? What do you think? I get the impression that it's going to be somewhat like Left 4 Dead, but they're tagging it as survival horror so it's hard to tell if that's gonna be the case. Personally, Left 4 Dead and games like Resident Evil 4/5 are not what I'd consider survival horror, so... whatever.

Fun fact: This is the best videogame trailer ever (watch it at high-quality in full-screen or you're failing):

Does anyone think this review is biased.

I thought games like this was were judged based on it's their content, story, and gameplay, but not based on how many hours it is and whether the beginning is any good well you know the creator, that's not what a review is all about. The only good thing this review pointed out was several things that has to be worked out in general There are no good things this review points out.

Personally this isn't the only time I've seen a long game like this take the heat terrible game described as good, it doesn't make sense to me with this crowd. Are most of you casual gamers into bad games (I'm not insulting, it's just a category)?

I don't know what, but long games are hated on here. terrible games are loved on here.


How is makerscore supposed to work for games? Is it purely based on rating? However it's worked out, 240 for Sore Losers to 420 for Frog, The Collector makes me think it's broken somehow (former has more downloads, more reviews, more comments etc.) The difference between them scorewise is half a star in favour of Frog, although Sore Losers actually has the higher average rating - it just hasn't been updated to the new "round up" system like Frog has - so that many points for such a small jump in rating seems a bit weird...

EDIT: Actually, there probably needs to be some sort of "reset" on the star-ratings (not a deletion reset; just a re-working) so that older games can have the "round up" system applied to them, because that's kind of an unfair bias towards newer games otherwise...

Favourite (Non-RPG) Boss Music

Thread title is pretty self-explanatory.

Streets of Rage II has one of the best soundtracks in existence:

Review Scores

What's happened is this: I just removed my review score for Metal Gear Solid: Lunacy of Legion because the developer has released an updated version based on the reviews it received. Since the developer has tried to fix things, I feel it would be unfair for my fairly negative review to rank the game down when I haven't played the new version, so I added a disclaimer to the review and set the score to N/A. However, the average score is still 1.5 when the only review that has a score rates the game as 2.5.

Basically, I think that either:

a) N/A reviews are being counted as 0 and used to calculate the average.
b) The average isn't re-calculated when a review is updated, only when a new one is submitted.

Whichever it is, it probably needs fixing.

User Blogs

I'm sure people have mentioned this before, but I thought I'd bring it up again...

User-page blogs would be really useful because not everything we do is relevant to one of our projects, meaning that some blog posts seem really disjointed and off-topic if they are posted to our game-pages. For instance, we might want to talk about games within the amateur community that we're looking forward to without having to post links to an external blog and end up looking like we're trying to leech popularity (*coughcough*).

Review Editing Bug

When I try to edit a review, nothing comes up in the editing box (where the current state of the review should appear). It looks like this:

"Defence Up" Status Effect (RM2K3)

When my characters use the "Defend" command, the damage dealt to them is halved. However, when my characters have the status effect "DefUp" (2xDefence) the damage dealt to them doesn't change one bit. All skills in my game are based on the "Attack" stat so the broken "Intelligence" stat isn't the problem...

What gives?

EDIT: There are no normal attacks in my game. All attacks are skills - is this the problem? Do skills ignore "DefUp"?


what is this i dont even? Bring back the less creepy ones :(