"Ranking" Pages In Game Profiles

Is there a way we could have the ability to choose which order pages on gamepages show up in. Would be a semi-useful feature, I think (aka. I want my Video page to be next to the Screenshot page!)

(RM2K3) Enemies Not Using Buffs

For some reason, none of my enemies are using their buffs and de-buffs anymore. I can't really think of any reason why this might be the case. They have enough MP to use the skills and they aren't set up so that you need a certain weapon type to use them.

Strangely, when I set it up so that they'd have to use them (by making the priority massive) they choose to do absolutely nothing instead.

Any ideas..?

Deleting Articles

This ability would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, could someone delete this for me:

BBCode Buttons

Would it be possible (maybe easy is a better word since I don't have to do it) to add BBCode buttons to the site and the forum? You know, so new peope don't think we live in a world without italics and strikethroughs?

I only ask as the writer of this tutorial asked for the codes.

RM2K3 Status Effects

Simple question: Is the "Status abates after x turns" system broken? Am I unable to make a status effect cut out after a pre-determined number of turns.

EDIT: Well, unable is the wrong word, I could do it some other way. But am I unable to do it using this dialogue?

Inputting Text (RM2K3)

Does anyone know where I can find either;

a) Some sort of program that will tell me whether or not a certain string of text is going to be too long for the in-game text box to deal with or;

b) A patch for RM2K3 that adds a dotted line to the text input box that shows you where the in-game text box will cut off.

Having to check every single bit of text I put in to see if it is going to go out of the box or not is quite irking.

An Evil Laugh...

If only I could embed a sound-file, you'd now be hearing Kefka's laugh. Then again, if you're cool enough you'll hear it in your head anyway now that I've mentioned it.

Mhm, that's right, "cool enough".

Anyway, after not looking at this site for a long time I was surprised to see how much the homepage has improved. I'm also liking how subscribing to a game actually gives you some information on it every now and again (I don't think that was working before I left...). AND I ALSO LIKE HAVING THE FEATURED GAME.


I'm lurking around because I was toying with the idea of picking up an old project and I wanted to see if anyone had commented on it (turns out not), although I am now toying with the idea of starting a whole new game because I had a quite sudden piece of inspiration. In all honesty, it is most likely that neither will happen, but if I get to play some decent creations (and slate them, of course), help out some people who are still faithful to RM2K/3 and annoy those who deserve it then it'll probably be good enough.

Now, to enter these silly captcha words into the silly captcha box. The spambots became too much, aye?

RM2K Damage Algorithms

What are they..? I need both the normal and magical versions (assuming they are different). I am sure they are on the forums somewhere but I can't seem to find them (probably not looking hard enough).

EDIT: I could probably use the RM2K3 ones as well... For different projects, of course.

EDIT 2: Also, does anyone have a picture that can be used as a "light radius" around the hero...

Deleting Content

Can I has do this please?

Seriously, though, when is it going to be possible to delete/edit articles/tutorials/reviews? Also, the submissions section seems unable to cope with my submissions list; if I try to access anything beyond page two an error page comes up.

Sore Losers Download...

... has dissapeared? Where has it gone?

EDIT: I can't download Frog either. Hellion (the first other game I saw) seems to be working fine...