Popularity And The State Of This Community

I saw that the Brasington topic got closed (wrongfully so in my opinion, but whatever) so I figured I would remake something alone the same lines. I thought the debate going on was actually a decent one before people starting bickering over the meaning of the word "popular".

I think the views expressed in that topic can be summed up pretty well through these quotes, although you could also just read the closed topic instead:

If you're really desperate for attention: review/comment other peoples games. One problem with the community that it's all about "memememememememygameplaymygamewhywon'tpeopleplaymygame" when it is hard for people to play every game here, not to mention almost everyone else is paying attention to their own game. If people don't review your game back to you then I guess you have something to bitch about.

The people who get the most feedback (at least in the RM community) are the same people regardless of their actual helpfulness because it is their username, not their contribution (nor how good their game actually is), that is recognised. Being active (not helpful, active) and endearing yourself to the community is what gets you more comments.

So... Want more comments? Get popular. Or at least start gushing about mediocre crap more often. Giving people actual criticism just pisses them off.

I have to say, I'm really getting tired of this sentiment that making a well received game takes some sort of arcane ritual. Now, popularity of course helps; but you need to consider other things if you want more people to try your game. Also, you need to bear in mind that not everyone who downloads and even enjoys your game is there to stroke your ego.

If you want your game to be popular, you have to do something memorable. It's not going to fall onto your lap just because you cry bitterly over it. It's not going to pop out of the sky because you review 5 games a week, and it isn't even going to smash you on the head if your game has impressive custom graphics. (IE: Anyone else remember that game with fantastic graphics that had a poorly written story and really awful gameplay? I forgot it's name... Proving my point.)

I'd hate to use myself as an example here, but my game(s) are somewhat popular only because of my seniority. I've been around these parts for awhile. Should I attempt to push my game anywhere else (Such as Game jolt) I get a a few extra downloads, but nothing else. What does this mean? Does this mean their community is inferior? No, it means I have to market my game better to a wider audience, which is exactly what I plan to do once I'm ready release new work.

Clearly, I'm of the opinion that a(n indie) game becomes well-known depending on the popularity of the person who made it. Craze, for example, could make the worst game ever and it would still get a shit tonne more attention than a far more competent game made by some random unknown. Also, helping people through comments/reviewing other people's games/writing articles/giving out tutorials etc. doesn't matter at all because people in this community are generally selfish as hell. People in this community generally only play other people's games if they like the person who made the game/the person who made it is popular enough to get people talking about their game.

My evidence?

To use Visions & Voices as an example: The game has had almost 1,000 downloads since its release a few weeks ago if you count all the patches. This is 10x the amount of other RS games. This was not just because I am a moderator of this board(that certainly hasn't helped my other games any), but because Craze and I (tried) to introduce it to other communities as well.

Karsu may think it was the effort put into publicising the game that got it more downloads but many games are introduced to other communities without this kind of return; the fact of the matter is that Craze's name on the development team got that game more downloads. Karsu's name probably helped too.

Anyway, my view in a nutshell:

- If you ain't popular then your game will be ignored.
- This community sucks at playing other people's games - stop being douches (note: this is a generalisation so if you do get upset it's probably aimed at you and you should probably start doing more).


Mark As Read...

... for the whole forum would be nice. I dislike clicking each topic individually to remove the "New" tag.

Deleting An Article

I would like to delete one of my articles - how do I go about doing this in RMN3..?

Gameplay Videos

Those of you who actually make these, what program do you use to make them? I feel some of the mechanics in Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl will be better explained/demonstrated/advertised using videos rather than screenshots.

Instruction Manual

Simple question: what kind of things would you expect to see in an RM-game instruction manual, obvious things like the control system aside?

I think the things that instantly jump out at me are an explaination of any "special" systems in place (anything the maker doesn't do normally. So if you have a skill system that isn't by level then explain it or something...); small character bios; a general overview of the setting.

I am writing a new READ ME for Sore Losers so non-RM users aren't confused as to what the buttons are. All of us clearly know x and z are the way forward...

I Want My Signature Back

I want my signature back.

If I had a signature, this is where it would be.

Download No.

Maybe this is going to be a feature of RMN3 (if it ever gets... fixed(?)), but is there a way to change the individual download counts to a cumulative one? Or is there a way to just add a cumulative count on top of the individual ones? Yes, it is purely egotistical, but I really need want to know these things.

And I know you could theoretically just add them up, but not all of my downloads are still present so I can't do that. Stupid game deleting bug...

Item Carrying

The idea of carrying around loads of weapons never really made too much sense to me; who really has enough space to carry around eight longswords, a battleaxe, tonnes of armour, potions etc..? I suppose it is a standard of the genre so it never really bothers me, but I do much prefer when games attempt to do something different.

So, what kind of item system do you think is best..? Personally, I think the system in Grandia II is one of the better systems in traditional RPGs.

Game Dissapeared

Sore Loser's downloads, screenshots and reviews seem to have dissapeared.

Back-To-Front Battles In RM2K3

I want all the battles in Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl to have the heroes on the left and the enemies on the right. This is as the game plays from left-to-right and as each screen is completely self-contained; basically, if the heroes started on the right as per usual then the heroes and enemies would be switching sides between the field and battle screens. Also, I read from left-to-right, so there is absolutely no reason to have everything right-to-left just because JRPGs originated from a country that reads backwards!

It's easy enough to set this up as RM2K3 automatically reverses the monster and hero sprites dependent on which side of the screen they are on. However, when a battle starts the characters and monsters initially face in their original right-to-left positions and are only auto-corrected after a second or so. I could obviously get around this by messing with the screen tone when a battle starts (i.e setting it to pitch black before the battle and then changing it to full-colour only after the maker has auto-corrected the way the participants are facing), but I would rather not do this as it is kind of messy graphically (although not as messy as the characters facing away from each other for a second before a battle starts...)

Basically, is there any other way to fix this problem or am I just going to have to do the screen tone trick..?