Where's Your Username From?

How did people get the usernames they use here? I've used Fallen-Griever ever since I stared needing a username, and it just came from the fact that the Griever battle in Final Fantasy VIII is my favourite boss-battle in all gaming (seriously). The "Fallen-" is only there because Griever is usually taken...

Guard Detection Using Field-Of-View

This is a tutorial for a guard system using a field-of-view. I would use the phrase "cone-of-view", but since RPGMaker isn't brilliant when it comes to forming cones (since it uses square tiles) I will use the word field instead.

The guards in this tutorial will "see" the 6x3 field in front of them (1 square either side of them and six squares in front) no matter what direction you cause them to walk in. This area can be changed by modifying the variables used and I will tell people how to do this if they ask for a specific area. Since this is always true, though, they can technically "see" through walls, around corners etc. Unfortunately, making guards that miss out hiding places is very specific to the set-up of the map in question, so I can't cover that in an unspecific way. Again, if you want to do this then I can tell you how if you ask.


To make this system you are going to need two variables;

  • Guard X
  • Guard Y

You are also going to need two switches;

  • Guard Gets You
  • Guard Dead*

*Of course, if you want the guard to do something other than fight you won't need this switch. Instead of turning this switch on, just turn off the Guard Finds You switch at the end of the second page. See later.

The guard event needs to have 3 pages. The first page will be a "Parallel Process" and will be set to "Move By Route". You can set any route you want, the guard will always respond to the direction they are facing in. The code for the event should be something like this:

This will trigger the second page whenever the guard "sees" the hero walking around. The second page I chose was for the guard attacking the hero, but if you want to do something else then just replace the code in the second page with whatever cutscene you have cooked up. In any case, the second page should be set to "Auto Start" and also set to "Stay Still". It should look something like this, keeping in mind that the trigger for this page is the "Guard Gets You" switch being on:

The final page is triggered when the battle is over, and is simply a page of nothing. Of course, if you want to have the second page not kill the guard and simply teleport the hero back to the entrace or whatever then instead of turning on the "Guard Dead" switch turn off the "Guard Gets You" switch. It really depends what you want to happen, this is just a basis.

Whatever you choose to do, the event that completes this sequence should be a blank event that is set to "Below Hero" and "Push Key". It does nothing at all, so I shouldn't need a picture, just keep in mind that the last page is triggered by the "Guard Dead" switch being on.

And that's it.

Lift Sound Effect

After scouring the interwebs I can't find a decent sound effect for a lift (or an elevator, if you wanna call them that). All I can find is the sound of lifts inside which isn't what I need. I need something for a freight lift or an outside lift where you could really hear the machinery working. I tried to just rip the sound from Streets of Rage but that didn't work, as the lift I am using is from that:

My Tutorials

Is there a way someone can delete the tutorials I have posted to the site..? I just noticed that the way that part of the forum is coded has taken away anything in brackets, meaning anything like has been removed. Ergo, the tutorials just have things like "Switch Operation: Turn Off" instead of "Switch Operation: : Turn Off" and make absolutely no sense whatsoever and will just confuse people. I will repost them afterwards and replace the with () I guess, but I need the ones already there deleting first.

(Or is this something that is just happening for me..?)

Mark All Forums Read

Why isn't this around? It is the most useful button on 99% of Forums. Or am I just missing something?

Cutscene Art Request

This is really something for very talented artists on the forums. Also, because I need something in a dark, comic-book style I am probably narrowing the scope even further. I'm not averse to having something in the style of Elfen Lied or other such manga/anime (as you can see from my current banner for Sore Losers), but I would prefer something in a more westernised style.

Anyway, the opening sequence of Sore Losers is a battle scene between a modern military force and a group of rebels. You'd probably have to play the opening sequence to get the idea, but I'd like to replace the two fighting cutscenes with several (4-5) comic-esque pictures that depict the same battle scenes. Like I already said, I'd like the images to be dark rather than superhero-colourful, so a Frank Miller kind of style would probably be ideal (or something less overdone, as Frank Miller's work has become over-run with SPARRRRTAAAA! remixes thanks to the 300 movie). Direction for these, based on the cutscene already in place, should be something like this:

1. Rebels falling back into positions.
2. Military forces charging in to attack, diving over sandbags/barriers etc.
3. Scenes of the attacking forces being cut down.
4. Rebels in bunkers being overrun and cut down with Lancer-esque rifles/bayonettes.
5. Fleeing rebels being shot down mercilessly.

Or something similar. These need to be seperate, full-screen (320x240) images. Each will be shown for ~3-4 seconds (I haven't timed it yet) so needs to be "viewable" in that kinda timeframe. I'm not averse to having speechbubbles on the images (they would actually be kinda nice) but the time-limit might make this difficult so don't worry too much.

I admit that I don't expect this request to be fulfilled, and I know people have commented that the opening sequence in Sore Losers is aleady good so I don't mind keeping it, but this is something I have wanted to have in Sore Losers since I started making it. Also, because I know this is difficult, I'd happily repay someone who could do this with my "prize-winning" mapping skills/reviews/critique/other writing, but I can't really offer anything physical. Postgraduate students don't get paid too much.

Fallen-Griever's Review Thread

This is a thread where I post reviews. I no longer take requests (as of 25/5/2010).


Simple question: why aren't we able to upload panoramas..?

Streets of Rage II Lift Background

Does anyone know where I can get a rip of the lift from Streets of Rage II (the mechanical lift on Level 7, not the lift from Level 8)? I need the lift-structure and the background.

EDIT: Forget this, I found an screenshot of the lift from Streets of Rage I and that fits the style of my game a little better. I'll clean up that and use it instead.

"Vertical" Door

I need a metallic looking door that runs vertically down a map (so that you will only see the top of it). It needs to be something that will go in the circled gap in the screenshot below, because currently it doesn't look much like a door...