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@Oblic - I don't know what to say man, it works perfectly fine for me?

It says permission denied. I guess you have permission and we don't?


My interpretation is that the "Talent is bullshit" motto is a counter to the excuse used by many people who don't even attempt to learn because they think they don't have the talent for it.

For the most part, that's a result of not knowing your potential and limitations. This is for skills that seem daunting but in reality most people could learn.

My arguments have been in defense of the upper echelon of human capacity.

I maybe could practice soccer harder than Leo Messi does, but I couldn't practice so much as to make up for the gap in talent, since he already trains as hard as possible. In fact, my failure or the failures of any other athlete who aspire to play at Messi's level wouldn't be for lack of trying or for lack of proper training.

@Ookami - I'm of the belief that the mental fortitude, which is so important to hard work and determination, is a talent/skill like all the rest. As in, it's not simply a decision to be made.


I never once said talent alone trumps hardwork and skill.

But how do you compete with a talented person who works just as hard as you? Impossible. You're ignoring talented people who also work hard. Talent and hardwork are obviously not mutually exclusive.

It's not possible for me to work hard enough to match Messi, who already works harder than most, BECAUSE of his talent advantage.

My argument is still that you can't disregard talent.


Well, that's obvious.

My argument against "talent is bullshit" is that it demeans people who fail to do something as just having done it wrong or not working hard enough or anything along those lines.

A person with talent might get twice the results out of a given amount of work that a person without talent does. And many times it's just not reasonable and sometimes impossible to just "work twice as hard to make up for it."


Super genius?
By compared to who? You? He's very famous. In 50 years will JK Rowling be a super genius?
She was famous, not the best of this generation.

I don't get anything you're saying here.

Mozart was definitely a freakish child genius. He's pretty much the standard for child prodigy. He's not just 'famous.' So is Lionel Messi. Yeah, no matter how much you practice, you won't be able to replicate what they can do. So no, talent is NOT bullshit, it's damn important.

I don't know what JK Rowling has to do with a discussion of talent.

Art is a form of language. You LEARN it. Anyone can be taught to paint. Anyone can be taught to play music, anyone can be taught to speak Japanese.
If you grow up in a house with Japanese parents, should I be impressed you can speak Japanese?
Mozart wrote a symphony when was 5 or so? He grew up in a home where music was a language. His parents were both musicians.

You can teach your kids as hard as you want, you'll never get your 5 year old to write symphonies like Mozart. Talent is not bullshit. To believe otherwise is to have never once in your life tried to do something and failed while others succeed with less effort.


Talent is absolutely not bullshit.

I've played with dozens of athletes twice as good as me who have never once worked as hard as I do on my craft. Actually, I don't even know why I would need to give any kind of testimony to such an obvious truth.

Saying that talent is bullshit is chalking up people's inadequacies to laziness. No, you can't learn everything.

What an insult that you use an inhuman super genius like Mozart as your example. You think no parents in history have ever drilled their kids in music as comprehensively as Mozart's parents?

Anyway, back to the article.
for a story to be enjoyed by the widest possible audience

That line needs to be prefaced at the top. Otherwise, I have to disagree completely.

Game Mechanics and Pacing

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kentona, save meeeee...

Game Mechanics and Pacing

You made several excellent points here.

I will like to add that when lining up inherently 'disjointed' vignettes, you can fake coherency and flow with some techniques.

One method is cut one scene short on a fade-to-black and then 'finish' the flow of dialogue in the next, totally unrelated, scene.

For example:

"Why am I even here? This is such a waste of my..."

"Time! Alright, pencils down. Pass your exams to the front of the room."
"Aw man, I did terrible on that one."
"I know, if I fail this class, my mom's gonna..."

"Kill me, you bastard! How dare you walk away!"
"Mercy is the mark of a great man. And besides... I've proven my point."
"You're going to regret letting me live. Someday, I'll make you..."

"Pay up. 100 in cash."
"WHAT?! That's such a rip off."
"If you don't like my price, you can always..."

"Leave. Get out of my house and leave me alone."
"I'm just trying to help."
"You're not helping. You're just bothering me!"

Obviously, there's no context here, and it really is totally random. However, this can soften the irritation of confusion, while the gamer still has too little information to grasp your "big picture."

Another technique could be to have two well developed perspectives appear together. Well developed as in, you've seen them before and already know what they're supposed to be doing. Say, two parties: one group secretly starting a rebellion, the other group hunting down a famous thief. Both groups are in the SAME town.

Instead of flipping from one scene to another, you could combine the scenes in one "shot." You have the rebel group walking through town, before entering their secret hideout. Instead of cutting to inside the hideout with them, the shot remains outside, where the second party walks onto the screen. They'll comment on how that thief MUST be here in this town.

Totally unrelated parties to the gamer right now. Little do they know that the thief is one of those rebels you already know. How you transition from perspective to perspective is important.

Writing techniques can be important in keeping the audience. Say you have 10 different seemingly unrelated perspectives. Of course, they WILL become related, or are already related, but the gamer would not know that. Until more background or developments on theses different parties surface, the gamer would continue to remain in dark about the relationships.

It's not as disaster unless the gamer is confused within the scope of a single perspective. Then, there's trouble.

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