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The mp3 did play outside of RPGMaker. I removed the mp3 and the scene did play out without the music. However, I got the same error again after that awesome pic of the Jugand army. The pic shows directly after Jugand marches into Cornwall. After the text fades and the screen turns black, the "Not implemented" bug strikes again.

Definitely seems to be the MP3s crashing your game. This is well above my understanding.

I did a quite google search for your error and found that it's common regarding mp3s in 2k3, if you check here.

Our RMN forums might know better about a solution. Hope this helps.

Neo Jado

I keep getting a "Not Implemented" bug early in the game, just after the Ringuardia soldiers fire their arrows. Phenix and the kids were talking about Lady in the scene just before this one.

Anyway, the soldier fire their arrows, the screen scrolls down, and just before you see who is standing in the middle, the "Not Implemented" alert appears and keeps rapidly appearing until the program crashes.

Help please! I'm been waiting far too long to play this to let a bug stop me!

Edit: I activated the bug again, so that I could screenshot it for you:

That exact moment you're crashing, the BGM changes. The name of the MP3 is "KLK - Kiryuin Satsuki" from the music folder. I don't know what the exception is exactly, but trying to run that MP3 seems to be the cause. Can you see if you can even open that mp3 file outside of rpgmaker? Possibly corrupted download? Bit rate issue? If all else fails, you could probably delete the mp3 and watch the scene without the BGM.

Neo Jado

Im having a small issue where improper font is being displayed. What font did you use for Neo Jado?

I uploaded the fonts to my locker, which you can get here:
Fonts zip

Not really sure how to install them. I think you just paste them into your Windows>Fonts folder. Hope that helps!

Neo Jado

I still think this would make an awesome serious game, if the wackier comedy elements were toned down...

Setting aside the revamped gameplay...

There's more serious content that's been added compared to non-serious content added. There's quite a few new characters, scenes, and story lines. And it continues beyond where the previous release ended.

Neo Jado

Does the new download just posted for this game have new material?


Boy..lemme tell you. I'm going to play this all the way through, but...all the corn references are killing me. LOL.

I should put up a page to see if anyone can spot all the references. (Like having the steak or the fish)

Also, if anyone with coding experience can spot where my CBS is slowing down the game for people, that'd be great. Some of my parallel processes could be written inefficiently. I can't test this, because I'm not experiencing the slow down.

Opening cutscenes are fun ^-^

The whole rest of the game is cutscenes, too!

Neo Jado

Not sure if this is my PC, but Im having trouble with the game.
1. I had to Install RPG Maker 2003 for the game to recognize the RTP, installing the RTP was not enough. Maybe having an RTP included version would help this.
2. Since Im using Windows 10, RPG_RT.exe is not enough to run the game, so I had to get afm_game_starter, which starts the game in windowed mode, so that I can actually run it.
So far so "good".
Here is where the real problem starts:
The game black screens at random points, no error massage only a black screen, and I have to exit the program. The music still works and Im assuming the dialogue boxes and scenes still happen since the music changes, and SFXs still play.
So in short the game is sadly unplayable for me at this point.

That sucks. I have no idea how to help you. This sounds like a question for the forums? Like, do you have problems with other 2k3 Tsukuru games? Btw, this doesn't require the RTP; I included every file needed in the project folder (which is why the file size is so large).

On that note, is anyone else experiencing problems running this?

Wild Thunder - Gotta shoot 'em all!

Hmm, I don't know of a system3 file in the game folder. It's odd that you have an error with that. I didn't think the game called on that file at all.

System3.png is also the name of an RTP file. If you're missing that, you can get it right here.

Just put that in your RTP System folder. Hope that helps.

Super RMN All-Stars

I'm crashing a lot playing this game, and I can't figure out why. I haven't had trouble with other SMBX games.

Hayate no Gotoku! Dream Apocalypse

I'd probably say you should check out the show/manga first, if you're planning on doing that at all. Easier to appreciate the dialogue in the game. Otherwise, you might miss a lot of the character quirks and running gags.

Where End Times Saddest Songs

Really? I'm pretty sure Decky Map 01 has a parallel process top left corner that's playing BGM se-rain. And all the maps south of it have entrust to event bgms or same as parent.

I think playing the default theme song as you teleport south would pretty much cover for that.
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